11 July 2007

Whaznu Wednesday

I have nothing new to show. But I have been working on things as evidenced by the photo. I ordered some new books from AQS and you can see them on the bottom of the pile and the top. O and see that corner of paper that almost covers my iPod? Look closely and you can see a bit of the challenge quilt. I take digital photos along the way to check placement of blocks or in this case appliqué. The white thing is my very quickly made needle case of Between Quilting needles and it is right next to the thread snips that I wear on a pull-out cord. Morning coffee... yumm. All on top of a chest that my Dad brought back from Hong Kong in the 1950s. I have the top covered with .25" glass because, frankly, it is a pain in the behind to dust. All four sides and the top are heavily carved and I do get down and dust and clean once a year with some Murphy's Oil Soap.

I love, love, love my iPod. I have found that as I age, I have a hard time concentrating when I read if there is too much external input (such as the television). I do not watch a lot of teevee. CarGuy does. I am physically there, but I do a lot of handwork and if I read when the teevee is on, why I just pop in the earbuds, pick either classical or newage playlists and read away. Sometimes, even that is too much, so I wait to read in the morning over my coffee while CarGuy is still asleep.


I pulled my orphans from their bin and found that I have three distinct piles. Don't you think? I don't have time to work on them right now, so back into the bin they went.

I could swear the breeze this a.m. brought a hint of smoke from Utah. That's a long way away and over the Rocky Mountains from me. But it is also a giganormous fire. There! I used one of the new words put into the latest dictionary.


  1. I enjoyed your photos with all the wonderful things collected together. And nothing beats morning first cup of coffee! I'm thinking about asking DH for an ipod for Christmas but not sure yet if I would really use it a lot. My grandson got the Microsoft version as one of his birthday gifts on Sunday but I can't remember the name of it. He was thrilled to get it.

  2. Your table is beautiful - very smart of you to put glass on it. I have some endtables that came with glass tops like that. One of the tops broke because a photo fell on it while some remodeling was being done in another part of the room. Someday I'll have to find another piece of glass to put on it.

  3. I have to agree -- love my ipod! I don't have problems with tv, but I love using it to listen to my music when I'm working on the computer and dh and my daughter are sleeping!

    Great books to read and those orphans look like they are going to be fun to play with.

  4. I love to have the tv on for noise mostly - although I do catch myself stopping to pay attention every-once-in-awhile. Music on the other hand, I pay attention to . . . I MUST sing along *s*
    That smoke can travel a good long way - I sure hope they get the fire out soon. We are in for a doosey of a fire season around these parts, too.