16 July 2007

You've Stolen My Heart

Or 24 different ways to do hearts. This small quilt is actually about the size of a dolly quilt 20x28". I wanted to work through this book As I worked, I kept thinking of variations on a theme. Some of the ways I liked and some I abhorred.

If you read the label in the second picture you will notice little happy, so-so or frowny faces. These reflect which techniques I like. The hearts are numbered left to right 1-20 and then the upper left corner is 21, upper right corner is 22, lower left is 23 and lower right is 24.

I hand quilted this with white quilting thread and it killed my hand. I don't know if it was because I didn't use a hoop or frame or if it is because my hands won't hand quilt anymore. I had used this style of 'binding' before and like it so I dug around the lace stash and found this bit of eyelet that worked perfectly.

This label is put on the back. When I printed this I made a conscious decision to use the last remaining sheet of a June Taylor non-colorfast Inkjet printer fabric, knowing that I was not going to wash this. But I forgot about when I spritzed the blue marking off the front. :( The water went all the way through at one point and now the last line is blurry. Still readable. Kind of.

So what kind of appliqué do I really, really like?
• For handwork: cut away needleturn. That is where the applique piece is cut quite a bit larger, then basted down, then as you needleturn you cut-away the excess for only about 1 inch. I found this was so very stable for hand appliqué.
• For machine work: the technique that Ricky Tims and Sharon Schamber both use. Here's a link for the Ricky's stabilizer and here's a link for Sharon's stabilizer. These are simply a polyester-type stabilizer inside the appliqué that stays there and is not removed. It provides a very flat appliqué during stitching and after washing the stabilizer softens up so much you don't even know it is there.

So there you have it, the stolen heart experiment.


  1. Paula, this is so pretty. I love that you tried so many different kinds of applique, and came up with a beautiful coherent project. The handquilting looks especially nice. I'm glad your hand is recovering from it.

  2. What a stunning quilt and what a great way to experiment with different techniques. You have tempted me to buy Elly's book. I think I can resist a little bit longer.

  3. And you've stolen mine! An adorable little quilt. All day my photos have been disappearing off of my blog and for the longest while, yours weren't showing up. I read the title again "You've Stolen My Heart" and thought..man, sure did! No pictures of hearts at all! Glad they brought them back so I could see them, cuz I just love them! Great hand stitching. I'm jealous ;)

  4. What a perfect way to try out and document all the applique techniques . . . and a darling little quilt all in the bargain. *s*

  5. Nice this quilt.
    ciao ciao

  6. Cute quilt. Applique is fun and taht was a neat idea to try different types.