13 August 2007

Up for air

I'm still here. I'm just surfacing to say hi. The sculpture show is over for another year but this coming weekend is the Blue Light Special. This is the annual car show held by the Road Knights. The Road Knights is a car club and to join, your hot rod has to be 1948 or older.

I'll be spending the coming weekend outdoors again. But this time on asphalt. I'm going to melt.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post a more complete post about happenings and quilts after the weekend.
Stay cool. Or warm. It depends what hemisphere you are in.


  1. Wishing DH and I could be there for the car show. He enjoys them too. But he's more into the cars that are restored but not rodded...I suppose it's an age thing! I hope you can find time and places to get cooled off at times.

  2. Our weather has cooled down some, so hopefully yours has too.

  3. Have fun at the car show - just try to stay cool. If things continue, it looks like we will keep all the heat here and you won't have to sweat at all *s*

  4. Haven't popped by in awhile! You've been super busy, Paula!

    Enjoy the car show with Car Guy and do try to stay cool.