11 August 2007

I'm not a lady...

because I really do sweat, not perspire. It was hot, hot, hot under the tent today. But it was a good sales day! I sold several pieces of sculpture (that total thousands of dollars) and got to schmooze with the people. Since I love to talk this is a perfect venue for me. When I got home I made myself a cottage cheese salad and then sat and sipped an iced coffee. Umm... heaven and it perked me right up. What is a cottage cheese salad, you ask? It's cottage cheese, scallions, tomatoes and avocados. A lovely blend of vegetables and one of my favorite salads: nice and refreshing in the summer. One more day of the sculpture show to go. Phew! Tomorrow will be all the people who waited until the last day to try to get a deal. We don't give deals because we only have to haul the bronzes about 2 miles back to the studio. Other sculptors have a longer distance and I can understand why they might discount pieces. Take, for instance, the booth next to us. The artist is from Missouri and hauled 8 6-foot tall copper fountains. I've sat there listening to trickling water for 2 days. You know what happens when you hear running water, right? *grin*

I've been knitting in public. I take my knitting with me and sit there working on a tank top out of some absolutely luscious Italian cotton yarn called Colorato that is very similar in content to this yarn although the color is very different: sage green with gold and peach. Very pretty.

I know I won't get my challenge quilt done by the deadline. I'll be doing good to get the top completed. *sigh* There is just way too much going on to work on it. And it seems that all the things I'm involved in take a 3-day weekend. How did that happen?

Obviously, there has been no quilting going on. But I did whip out 4 Cool Ties this morning and hydrated them before the show. Do you know what a Cool Tie is? These are a bit bigger than I make mine. My dimensions are a strip of cotton cut 4"x35" as this doesn't make such a fat tube around your neck. I use only 1 tablespoon of Soil Moist inside. And if you have a serger it is a breeze to make these by serging the long edge. In fact, I start at one end and serge about half way, put the crystals carefully in along the fold and then continue to serge. I sew and stuff at the same time. A word of caution: if you use these polymer crystals, don't get them near a sink/drain as the second they get wet they absorb water and swell and close off your drain. Not good.

Later, my friends.


  1. How good of you to be selling sculptures in the sweltering heat. I hope you get a great commission! Good luck tomorrow.

  2. Even if it is a tank top you are knitting - the mental image of sweltering in the heat, under a tent, while knitting creates a mental image that makes me laugh *s*
    Have fun chatting with folks today. That is the ONLY think I miss about my job . . .

  3. I am so tempted to make those cool ties...but clogged drains? I hope you do not speak from experience.