03 September 2007


and the Challenge quilt. Kind of sounds like that Slytherin House in Harry Potter doesn't it? Well it isn't. Sliver is that thread from Sulky that is a thin, flat ribbon of Mylar. I successfully used it on my challenge quilt! Woo hoo. The key ingredients were: the Sliver (of course), a #90 Embroidery needle, going slow and courage.

You remember the Challenge quilt don't you? You know, the one I've been yammering on and on about? One of the 'rules' (I prefer guidelines) was a completion date of Labor Day or Sept 3 2007.
Well, I almost made it. I have a complete top and a completed backing. Want to see some pictures? I'll give you a taste of the top. No more, because I want to enter this in some unknown show in the future and I don't know if the show rules will admit a quilt that has been publicly seen, so you all get just a tiny little taste.
Now you know why I have so much 'other' fabric. This little guy's wings are made by using a garment fusible interfacing on the back of a tissue lame. The wings are satin stitched on with the Sliver.

Here's a photo of the full back. I think I'm safe in doing the back. I was left with a handful of my yard of Moda fabric.

Next step is to sandwich and then quilt.

And before you ask: Yes, the design is my own original design.


  1. Interesting back, I like it!!! Can't wait to see the front!!!!!

  2. Interesting back, I really like it. The dtagon fly is adorable and I will wait to see the whole quilt. Sorry you didn't make the deadline.

  3. I hope that future, unknown quilt show is coming soon, so we may see the front . . . in the meantime, I'd say the back is worthy of a front *s*

  4. Awesome! I hope we get to see it in it's entirety sometime. The dragonfly is adorable, I know it's not easy to sew w/ sliver... you did well!

  5. Congratulations on finishing the top! The back does look really interesting - did you use sashing? It looks lovely enough to be the front - except for the missing applique. The dragonfly is cute too.
    Mine is almost done, just putting on the borders.