10 October 2007

WIP Wednesday - October 10

Wow! did my last post generate a lot of comment or what? Want some more? Then go to Nadine's Blog Quilt Epiphany. She is talking along the same theme.

What am I working on? Well this stitchery for starters. That pumpkin is just too, too cute. I notice that Carole is working on the same thing.

I finally got the OK to use the song title on my Challenge Quilt. It was very roundabout. I looked up Don Henley's website and found a link to a wetlands back east that he sponsors. I emailed them with my request and asked them to forward it onto Don. I got a reply from one of his peeps in WA that I needed to make the request from someone in GA. So I did. I got an answer from the label people in CA. Whew! I was told that I did not need permission to reprint the title of the song on the quilt, but if I planned on reprinting lyrics then I must get permission from the company. Double Whew! Now I can continue with it.

I went to my little quilt bee on Monday night and came home just wanting to sew and quilt. Does that happen to you? We are working on our own BOMs. Each month a member brings a block with directions and tips on how to make it. We all go home and make the block with our fabrics. Libby would be proud of me because I'm making it with homespuns. So totally not me. I am also making two versions. The full sized 12" block and then I'm redrafting it to a 6" block. The latest block has a lot of pieces so my mini version is going to have some 1/2" pieces in it. Gulp!

I'll leave you with the picture taken from a high point on Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is a wonderful drive but a bit daunting if you have a large vehicle. When the road was build in the 1930's the cars were quite a bit narrower. And there just is not any room to expand the road. It's all the park service can do to keep the road passable. Yes, it is a one lane dirt road.


  1. What happens if two cars meet on that narrow road?

  2. Yeah - glad you got through to ole Don *s*
    So inquiring minds (and homespun lovers) want to know . . . are you going to share that project? Can't wait to see it.

  3. Oh boy - that's exactly the kind of road I look for to take a long easy horseback ride. That scenery and that road and a saddle bag full of cheese, apples and wine......sigh. So beautiful!

  4. That is a beautiful picture. Reminds me of my youth in the mountain canyon where my grandmother grew up. Some of God's most glorious creations, the Rocky Mountains!!

  5. You did the right thing in asking permission and going to the source... copyright infringement is rampant and even though it's a pain to chase down the OK not one of us would stand by idly if something we'd created was stolen... it's so much easier to operate with a clear conscience! Yes, I do get inspired to just come right home and sew, and sew, and sew!

  6. What a gorgeous photo, but I don't think you'd find me driving on it.

    i can't wait to see your completed stitchery piece.

  7. Thanks for the photo; I haven't driven Fall River Road since I moved from Boulder in 1984; it used to be one of my favorite drives.
    For Joyce: the road is one way up. You have to come back from the top by the Trail Ridge Road.