04 November 2007

How I Spent My Saturday...

On Saturday, I got up before dawn, so I could get to Denver-town in a timely fashion. Why? Because Auntie had an appointment (she told me) at 10:00am for a flu shot. It's a good thing I got there early. She had turned her clocks back on Friday night and was basically taking her time. Argh! We had 40 minute to get her dressed. She is 92 and DOES NOT MOVE VERY FAST. But we made it! What surprised me about this flu shot clinic was it was a drive-thru. Yes, indeedy. Drive up and get your shot and drive away.

I borrowed a wheelchair for the day for Auntie. Let me tell you that after putting it in the trunk of the car and taking it out about 6 times, by the time I went home I was pooped. That thing had to weight about 40 pounds. We went shoe shopping. Even at 92 she is very particular about her shoes and we ended up with a pair that look a bit like the old-style penny loafers.

At home last evening, the muscles around my ribs were just aching from all the weight lifting (wheelchair). The only way I was comfortable was flat on the floor. Needless to say, it was an early to bed night for me.

One wonderful surprise was a RAK from Shelina over at Shelina's Creations! It made all my aches and pains disappear. Such good timing Shelina! Thank you, my friend. I have put it on the wall in my sewing room along with all my other small quilts.

The photo is just a small detail of the quilt.


  1. You had a gymn session and your auntie is very happy with her shoes. Happy ending. For your sake I hope she is not a shoe fan :)

  2. You're welcome Paula. I'm glad you got it safely.
    Wow, drive thru shots. At least that was one less round of exercises you had to do. I think you should be able to cross off your todo list of exercising all week!

  3. Drive thru shots? What will they think of next?
    Even with the exercise, I hope you had a pleasant time with Auntie - it's so nice to listen to the stories *s*

  4. The package in the mail does make the workout worth it. What a nice thing to do for your aunt as well :0).

  5. I remember loading and unloading the wheelchair for my previous husband when he was fighting the terminal cancer that paralyzed his legs. I'll bet Aunty really appreciates your help.

  6. Drive through flu shots? What next? I can't imagine that happening here.