18 November 2007

Homespun BOM: Jacob's Ladder

Here's this month's installment of the BOM. This block is Jacob's Ladder and is a really nice block. Unlike last month's block which was a real PITA. Update Note: there is an error in the small block which I'll be fixing. It will bug me forever if I don't. Thanks, Leah, for pointing that out. I probably would have noticed eventually, like after it was quilted.

This was a productive weekend again. I took advantage of the warm weather yesterday and cut down some of the foliage in the garden. There's more to do, but really, it's not going anywhere.

I was at the sewing machine again as evidenced by the BOM block. But I also, are you sitting down?, replaced a broken zipper in a hoody. Yes, you read that right, I mended a garment.

Auntie doesn't use a chair in the kitchen to sit on, but a two step step-stool. She had the top step covered with a thin placement. That's got to be hard on the rear-end, so I made a pad to fit the top of the stool. Two layers of a prequilted fabric with two layers of batting in between. I needed some binding so I cut some 2" strips of the prequilted fabric and picked it apart to make my binding. Turned out pretty nice (she says patting herself on the back).

I also cut out the pieces for a pincushion that looks like a small bird. To keep it upright, a tape measure is on the bottom of the pincushion. You can tuck a small pair of scissors under one of the wings and some other type of notion under the other wing. I've made this in the past and it really works up cute.

I'm going to try my hand at making a cheesecake for our Thanksgiving dinner. I'm armed with 3 packages of cream cheese and a springform pan. If it fails, that's ok, because I have a back up plan: a can of pumpkin and a rolling pin.


  1. Your Jacob's Ladder block is adorable. Spending time sewing is always a good thing.

    When I was little I had Shirley Temple red curls. One day my mom took me to get it all cut off. I had a pixie cut until I was in jr high and revolted.

  2. That pin cushion sounds intriguing - can't wait to see that one!
    I'm having visions of what a rolling pin does to a cheesecake -- ROFL!!

  3. Dare I ask what you're going to do with the pumpkin and the rolling pin? :0)

    Love the Jacob's ladder block and the pincushion sounds great -- I can't wait to see it!

  4. Here's the part where I have a huge inner struggle with myself... do I point out errors or not? I mean, personally I can let a lot of errors go - I just sewed a piece of fabric wrong side up. Too lazy to get a seam ripper. :P

    I'm rambling. Cuz I don't know if I should point it out or not, but your mini Jacob's ladder has a block turned wrong. (Top right corner). I know if it was my quilt, I'd be comfortable with leaving it in. If it was for a customer, no way! :P

    Hope I didn't just turn your block into a PITA one. :\

  5. mended a garment.... & a hoodie at that... What are you Mad Woman? (no need to answer that.)

    & ditto my flickr comment here...

  6. We are having pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving - a fun little switch from the usual pumpkin pie.

  7. Oh - don't 'fix' the block . . . homespuns are meant to have little imperfections. It looks great just the way it is.

  8. Lovely Block!
    Kind regards,

    Sonnja. from the Netherlands

  9. Cheesecake!!!Yum my favorite!! As usual your quilt block is charming!! I like the combo of fabrics you always come up with, kinda "old world" look.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  10. Like those Jacob's ladder blocks.

    I am going to bake a cheesecake for Thanksgiving too, lemon cherry cheesecake. Yum (we hope)


  11. Love your new BOTM blocks. Your new haircut is really cute. I bet it takes less time to dry now, too. :)

  12. This is one of my favoritist ( ! ) blocks. ARen't they graphic? Yours is very pretty, and especially so in homespun.

  13. Love the new block!

    I have lots and lots of very straight hair so in high school I wore it long. As an adult I wear it in a simple bob. I have so much hair that it's difficult to rinse all the shampoo out when I wash it.

  14. Oh these get cuter and cuter! I have a hoodie my DH has been asking me to fix the zipper on for 2 years now and I refuse. Want me to send it over!