11 December 2007

O, So Warm

Hey, I actually have a Tips, Tricks, and Techniques Tutorial Tuesday for you! (I just love alliteration.) You know the fingerless mitts that are so popular right now. Most of them are knitted like this one or this one. Don't know how to knit? Never fear! These mitts are made with fleece and are O, So Warm! I only have photos of the finished project but it is really, really easy. I searched online and they range in price from $15.00-$26.00 US a pair. Let's get started!

  • Start with 1/2 yard of a good quality fleece that has a one-way stretch. I used a Polartec® fleece from Malden Mills.
  • You will need to cut 2 rectangles 8"x 12". The 12" is on the straight of grain so there is no stretch and the 8" is on the cross-grain because you need that bit of stretch to get the mitt onto your hand and arm. The 12" is also an arbitrary number but I wouldn't make them any shorter than 9" in length.
  • If you have a serger, use that to stitch your seam. If you don't have a serger, use a very narrow zigzag. You don't have to worry about fleece raveling but you do need to allow it to stretch.
  • Now, slip a mitt onto your left hand and adjust the end to land where it is most comfortable for you and the seam is along the outside edge of your arm. Mine lands in between my knuckles and the middle joints of my fingers because I like them to cover the back of my had and down onto my fingers.
  • With a pair of scissors CAREFULLY make a SMALL snip in the fleece at the base of your thumb close to the webbing between your thumb and index finger. You've just made the thumb of your left mitt and can work your thumb through the hole. Do not make your snip too big.
  • Slip the other, uncut mitt onto your right hand and repeat the process. There really is a left and a right on these mitts as you can see in the second photo.
  • If you feel they are too long and you used a serger you can just cut them off from either end and not have to worry about the seam unraveling. But if you zigzagged the seam you will have to end the seam in some fashion either by un-stitching the seam and tying the ends of the threads off before you cut or being a lot more careful on your adjustment before you snip the thumb hole.
  • These are not hemmed, but you could bind the ends with a bit of lycra binding like the commercial fleece vests. I obviously took the easy route.
This pair of wrist warmers is on it's 5th year. Because I used a good quality fleece there is no pilling or thinning like you get from the cheapie stuff. If you do use the cheapie stuff, your mitts won't last as long.


  1. Now that is something I can use . . . those cool (cold) mornings out for a walk with Harper it would be nice to have a little something to keep the hands warm. I think I can even follow the tutorial and don't get me started on alliteration *s*

  2. I think my daughter would like me to make those warm fingerless mitts for her.

  3. Thank you so much for the great tutorial!!! I love these and want to pick up some nice polartec fleece to make some! Great gift idea.

  4. These are supercute!! And practical, and I have men in my family that are presentless and work outside. They are always asking me to knit fingerless gloves/mitts, (of course I have the yarn, major UFO)
    I will send you a pic of them!!

  5. Such a great idea..and I have a whole big bin of fleece!!

  6. The nap was a must! I was going to hurt someone if I didn't get it! LOL! Indulge yourself, you will be glad you did!

  7. Ahhh thank you! I was thinking of kniting some but this is so much faster!

  8. Now that is a really neat idea, thanks for the tutorial....I love it!

  9. Thanks Paula for the explanations! They is very beautiful and I believe very warm! I also love his red bird, is so nice!Have a great Christmas time :)))

  10. Thanks! I need some of these and have left over fleece from a project, so I don't even need to buy anything.

  11. OK I made four sets of these. What I noticed is if you measure the flat of your hand from pinky edge to palm edge between the thumb and double that number that is a good width. My dd's hands are plump and I ended up adding an inch to her measurement. But I love them! THANKS!

  12. I have been looking for a fleece pattern for wrist warmers everywhere! Thank you so much! I have already made 2 pairs and love them.