04 December 2007

Public Service Announcement

"injected, inspected, detected, infected, neglected and selected..."
-- Alice's Restaurant Massacree; Arlo Guthrie

Do you recognize that line from Alice's Restaurant Massacree by Arlo Guthrie? CarGuy and I have a Thanksgiving tradition of playing that CD on Thanksgiving Day. We have been doing this for 35 years and I can almost quote this song verbatim. And since it was so recently played at our house it is still at the top of info pile in my brain and hasn't been filed away for next year yet.

If you know the song at all, this line is when he has to go to the draft board for his physical. That is what I've been up to yesterday and today. Only one more appointment to go: a mamogram. And for my public service announcement, I urge all of you to get a mammogram. Everybody always thinks of it in October because that is Breast Cancer Awareness month. But do it now if you haven't done it this year.

And if you've never heard Alice's Restaurant (which is a protest song against the Vietnam War draft), here's a link to the youtube version. This version was recorded in July 2005 and Arlo has updated the lyrics a bit.

Being the clutz that I am, I tripped over the edge of a mat I was straightening up here at work and fell flat onto the floor. Do you know what that instant of seeing a floor rush toward you is like? Worst part about it, is it happened in front of my boss and one of the shop guys. I'm sitting there on the floor hollering for ice, ice, ice! Because of the use of hot wax in our business there were cold packs in the freezer. Now I'm sitting at my desk with my leg propped up and an ice/cold pack on it. Nothing is broken but I am going to have a very colorful knee and my pride, of course, is bruised.

The guys are now calling me Tumbles. Be careful out there.


  1. Tumbles -- it could be worse, it could be something like "Trip". Just think -- the bruise could be an interesting color palate for a quilt? (hey, I'm trying to look on the bright side here).

  2. The same thing happened to me today, fell flat--in the shower! I'm such a klutz sometimes. (Thank goodness there were no witnesses who would be more than happy to award a nickname.) Luckily the only thing broken were two fingernails!

  3. I didn't mean to submit the comment so soon-- hope your knee heals quickly and they forget the incident. Laughing along with them will help in their 'amnesia'!

  4. But the real question is: Did you stick the landing? *s*

  5. I am so sorry you fell. I have done that before in a patient's room with a full tray of food. It is pretty embarassing to be helped up by a guy on an iv drip that just had a heart attack....

    I am glad you are Ok!.. I need to sign up for the works, not just a mammo...


  6. Sorry for you........Tumbles is a nice name.

    Wonderful your new top-blog.

    ciao ciao

  7. Be careful yourself! And I love the new banner - very festive.

  8. Definitely smart to take care of your health. I am glad you are okay, and that the bruise heals quickly. I fell a while ago when I was walking with foster kids. The owner of the house was there and he saw the whole thing too. I wasn't hurt - although I probably had a scrape and a bruise - but I was embarassed. Everyone falls once in a while, and showing others that you are human makes them feel better about themselves.

  9. been there and done that -- except I was carrying a cup of coffee which, of course, went everywhere... hope you heal quickly and don't ache for too long!!