30 December 2007

Sunday, sunny Sunday

I spent the day in Denver-town. It really wasn't that bad today. It was a fairly warm day and the snow was melting and CarGuy went with me. First stop was Auntie's condo. I knew I was going to have to inventory things and came up with the idea of using my digital camera. I've started with the books. Hundreds of them. If I don't crop the photo is it large enough that I can read the title and the author. Do you notice something about these books? They are all boxed. I will need to do this with the china and crystal and the Bradford Exchange Plates. *sigh*

Next stop was the assisted living facility she is moving into. I have searched and could not find a photo of it anywhere, even in their literature. So I took my own. It's a pretty nice looking place doncha think? I wish I had a way to print it out so she could have seen it large instead of in the camera. But, oh well. This is a fairly new facility and I really liked it. She is getting excited about moving, now.

The next stop was to visit Auntie in the nursing facility. I swear, every time I go there is something else of hers missing. This time it was a pair of slacks and a mock turtleneck that I had bought for her; it was brand new. I told the nurse about it but I don't think anything will happen. I did take my thick Micron pigment pen with me and marked her name in everything she has at that place. It's a bunch of thieves there. That has got to be a real low life to steal clothes from an old lady in a nursing home. I'm so glad she is getting out of there soon.

It was sunny in Denver-town when CarGuy and I left but the further north I drove the darker it got. By the time I was close to home I was driving through ground blizzards. Have you ever driven through a ground blizzard? It is when the wind is blowing sooo hard that it grabs the top layer of snow and drives it in drifts across the road. The road turns icy, icy and the wind is pushing the car sideways a bit and visibility is zero at times. No fun. But at one break in the wind I looked toward the foothills and the sight was so beautiful it took my breath away. The wind was coming straight out of the north right along the base of the foothills and was picking up all this snow and there were plumes of snow curving up into the air. Beautiful!

Now I'm home and warm. And to make this post even a tiny bit quilty, I'll mention that tonight I start to quilt on the swap quilt.


  1. I lived in Alberta for a number of years so I can say I have driven in a few snow blowing blizzards before -where you can't even see the road and hope the big truck you are following knows where the road is -LOL!! Pretty tense!

    That is so terrible that your Aunt's clothes. Could they be getting lost in the laundry?

    I work in a hospital and I have had sweaters that I wear to work stolen right from where I put them on a chair for a few minutes -- It is just terrible that is for sure!!

    The assisted living place does look like a nice place.

    Happy New Year

  2. That place looks lovely, too bad that the people inside aren't so nice and would steal clothing from your Auntie. Happy New Year to you. Keep Warm!

  3. I was wondering why you were inventorying everything, but I think you answered my question in the post. It is sad that people would steal things. I guess another possibility is that she gave them away and doesn't remember. The assisted living place does look like a nice one.
    The ground blizzard sounds awful, even if it is pretty. I'm glad you made it home safely.

  4. I think the stealing is just a function of nursing homes . . . back in the '70s my grandma was always having things 'disappear' in the laundry. The occasional lost sock is one thing, but . . .
    Hope Auntie settles in happily - it looks lovely from the outside.
    Enjoy ringing in the new year! Hope '08 is filled with tons of joy for you and your family!

  5. Your auntie is lucky to have you!! That's a big job ahead breaking everything down! You guys are getting hammered with snow lately. stay warm and quilty happy new year.!

  6. CresceNet6:00 AM

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  7. Uf da! It's a good thing you returned home safe and sound. Those winter roads are a treat, I know, sometimes you can only point the car and hope for the best!

    Auntie's new home looks nice. Hope she gets out of that care facility with the shirt on her back...her new clothes are probably in someone else's closet. Maybe they will accidentally return before she leaves.

    I've made progress with my swap quilt and intend to mail it out by Friday. I hope.

  8. I recognize those books! We had a subscription to that book series for quite awhile, and have lots of the same ones on our shelves.

    Unless you are doing the laundry yourself there is a good chance things are getting mixed up in the laundry. When I think about the number of residents there, and the amount of laundry they produce I wonder how the workers can possibly keep anything straight. If they are like the nursing homes here where both my husband's parents resided for a time, then the workers are for the most part unskilled, with little or no command of the English language. They are paid minimum wages - which most likely is not a living wage. We found them to be friendly and helpful and doing the best they could under the circumstances. I can't imagine trying to live in their shoes for awhile.

    I would love to see snow like that sometime!

  9. I am glad you got home ok. It is good to know Auntie is happy with the move. It makes it harder when they can't accept it. The place looks very nice. Hugs to you!

  10. The new place looks very nice! Hopefully your Auntie will enjoy it there and she will get good treatment. She is lucky to have you! About the clothes - you could try appliquing a little pink heart on the outside of all her clothes (in addition to the interior name label) - it might help.