27 December 2007

Four Seasons Quilt Swap -- Winter

If you are looking for a photo of what I'm making for this swap it's not here. This little quilt to the left is the inspiration for my swap piece. This quilt is a preprinted panel from the early 90's (I think). I just layered it and quilted it up. I am doing something that represents Colorado and the Rocky Mountains in the winter. I told you didn't I that the Winter quilt is all ready to baste? I think I'm going to hand quilt it. I hope my swap partner doesn't mind 'cause I haven't hand quilted in a long, long time and I'm a bit rusty at it. But the little winter quilt is calling for it.
Update 12/28/07. Approximate size of pictured quilt is:

Quilt: 12.5"x12.5"

Block: 3"x3" with the tree 2.75"tall x 2.5" wide

Green border: .25"

Red border: 1.5"

It snowed all day again. CarGuy and I had several rented DVDs so I pulled out a bit of quilting and spent the afternoon watching Bruce Willis. Personally, I would have preferred watching Bing Crosby and White Christmas. I have it on Tivo and have not had a chance to watch it. I think tonight we will be in the company of Nicolas Cage.


  1. I love this little tree quilt.
    what is the size of the tree in this quilt
    I have wanted to make a little quilt like this and I like the scale of this tree. good luck with the hand quilting, isn't it so relaxing?

  2. Great little quilt, gotta love those preprinted panels!

    It sounds like you watch a lot of movies (like us), as we all know there is nothing on TV. Bruce Willis and Nicolas Cage always do a good job, we just watched the new National Treasure movie at the theatre, another good one.

    Good weather for movies and quilting, stay warm!

  3. I haven't seen the "Four Season Quilt Swap" before - I guess I need to remember to look up and out occasionally. I may look into it for Spring.

  4. Hand stitch. Definitely hand stitch! :)

  5. Ah-h-h-h Nicholas Cage!

  6. A fun little quilt -- and as for hand quilting your winter swap I'm sure your partner will not mind! Sounds like you had a great Christmas, Happy New Year to both you and Car Guy!

  7. This is pretty - I'm sure if you used this as an inspiration, what you came up with will be adorable. I keep thinking I am going to hand quilt something one of these days, particularly something small.

  8. Wow - love the tree quilt . . . wonder if it's for me *s*

  9. Lovely mini quilt and a good inspiration for the swap quilt. I am still thinking about what to make for my swap partner :)