13 March 2008

A Week of Mondays

Whew! It's been a week of Mondays! I started this post way back on Sunday and then never got it posted. So here goes...

I was able to get a bit of sewing/quilting done on Saturday. I hosted the meeting of Quilty Friends and took the opportunity to cut the 42 (I actually cut more because you never know if they will be needed) 10" blocks for the charity string quilt my other mini group is making.

I also got a little dolly quilt top assembled and have decided that it needs just a wee bit of stitching on it before I get down to the quilting. This is for a private one-on-one swap in which I am participating. And since my Bernina is in the spa I used my Featherweight. I love this machine and really need to use it more often. Update: the stitching is done, the blue pen is removed and the top is being blocked as I type.

I've been recycling worsted weight acrylic yarn by crocheting up these Snuggle Tubbies. I have currently finished 4 and have yarn enough for about 2-3 more. I am also working up some crocheted mats using 4 strands of yarn and a big ole Q hook. All of this yarn came from an afghan I knitted in the early 1970s; knit with 4 strands so it had just oodles of yarn in this lap sized afghan. It's just part of my charity work.

The photo is a macro closeup of a Calla Lily in honor of the season.

And the Monday comment? I've been dealing with dishonest gallery owners, Auntie's up and down days (lately more down than up) my taxes, her taxes, my bills, her bills, cleaning out the condo, and just ineptitude in the general public that seems to make things a bit harder than they need to be. *sigh* Yesterday I was quoting Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell.

"After all, tomorrow is another day." -- Scarlett O'Hara


  1. The lily photo. I thought it was a Cheeto laying in some fabric! The knitting for kitties. LOVE that Snuggle Tubbie! The overwhelming of responsibilities. You have a lot on your plate, more than the daily recommended potions. Dishonest and difficult people. There is no cure for STUPID! Sorry, but what is it with some folks these days?

  2. I hope your days begin to improve in the difficult people situation.

  3. Me again...I forgot to write that I mentioned you on my blog post today.

  4. What a week -- hope the weekend brings some relief! Sounds like you have been really productive anyhow. The snuggle tubbies are great!

  5. Yuck, it's bad enough to have to deal with your own taxes and bills without having to do someone else's as well. I hope today is a better day, and the beginning of many better days to come.

    I just got a book from the library about making calla lilies out of felt.

  6. Love the Snuggle tubbie's, thanks for the link. God Bless You on the Auntie situation, I know that is alot of responsibility!

  7. Sounds like your week has been about as fun as mine! Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on soon :0).

  8. Oops! Portions not potions...although potions in this case could be used to your advantage!! Heheheee

  9. I know how much time it takes caring for Auntie. I'm going thru the same thing with Mom; running her around to all her doctor appointments on top of everything else is wearing me down. But I'm so glad I'm here to take care of her.