10 May 2008

Add to Shopping Cart

I'm doing my part to help the economy. The wonderful little pattern, Zigzag 9, was won from Suzanne at Salt Creek Quilt Co. I purchased the Pajama Quilt DVD and workbook combo. I wanted to show more of the Zigzag 9 pattern cover but the wind was blowing and this was the configuration that worked to take a photo.

You know, I seem to shop online when I don't have time to create. I find myself in the wee hours of the morning poking buttons. I have lately begun shopping for Auntie online because I just can't find it anywhere else. In fact I just purchased this and this. In my defense, I did it online after I scoured all the stores in the area for the table. And frankly, the shoes could only be purchased at this type of store. Of course, that does not explain the two books I added to the Amazon order to get the free shipping or the order from Clotilde for the Miranda Day Bag pattern or the order from the custom cane store for CarGuy's birthday present. This purchase of a cane for him was a necessity more than a luxury. It is a hand-carved hickory cane with a Derby head. There is a band of sterling silver where the head meets the cane and the cane is carved in a diamond pattern similar to this.

Who says that a utilitarian item needs to be ugly? Think of a quilt!


  1. I shop online, too. It's a boon when you don't live in a big city, or just don't have time to get out.

    I agree about utilitarian not having to be ugly -- I wish we'd all be more conscious of that, and maybe strip malls would be the blight on the landscape that they are!

  2. Hey Paula, you've got my vote for best online shopper of the week!
    Those are great items you found for Auntie. I was happy to bookmark the site with the slippers. Lots of good stuff there!
    Such things get considered as we get 'age' challenged..*VBS*
    I checked out your web page, and what fun...good for you for doing that. It's a nice addition to your blog. Hope the world is treating you kindly. Hugs from Wi, Finn

  3. Oh can you tell me where you found the Pajama Quilter dvd? I have her second . . . but would love to have the first.
    Shopping online can be such fun . . . and a little dangerous as well *s*

  4. I agree I love to shop online, coffee, houseshoes, and we get mail also.
    too fun.