01 May 2008

Being Green

After a mediocre day at work on Wednesday, I came home to a lovely surprise! Looky! Looky! A lovely little quilt from Karrin at Karrin's Crazy World was waiting for me in my mailbox.

It is such a cute, dear little thing and I just can't stop petting it and smiling every time I look at it. Such a great 'green' quilt that was wrapped up in a half yard of a paisley (my fave) print and tied up with a blue/ecru checkered ribbon. Karrin has paid such attention to detail not only in the quilt but in it's presentation. I could learn from her.

And just look at the back! Two blocks with pots of aloe and that stitched label. I just love it; it's perfect for a garden quilt.

Thank you, Karrin. With 2 Master Gardener friends I'll have to make sure it stays in the house!


  1. Oh it's just darling . . . love the piecing on front and back *s* You hold on to it tight . . . remember, it has your name on it!

  2. That is a gorgeous little quilt. I'm sure your Master Gardner friends will be jealous of it.

  3. Oh my goodness, that is just about the cutest little quilt that I have ever seen. You are one lucky girl!

  4. That is beautiful! Even the back is great! Lucky you!

  5. It is pretty, looks like really teeny tiny flowers.

  6. Oh my what detail. It is beautiful!

  7. This swap quilt maker went above and beyond the call of all swap quilt makers!! Very nice indeed.