16 June 2008

While CarGuy is away...

The Quilter is actually getting a bit of work done.
  1. Water the yarden and the new patch of lawn.
    8% humidity and 30 mile per hour winds just suck the moisture right out of the ground and plants. Check.
  2. Box up all the paper collage items and hand them over the victim grateful recipient. Check.
  3. Box up all the cheapie acrylic paint and rubber stamps for same recipient. Check.
  4. Deep clean the main bathroom. Check.
  5. Suck up the spider webs (and possibly occupants) in the unfinished basement with the shop-vac. This is something I do every year. My version of spring cleaning. Check.
  6. Work a bit on the Pi Shawl. Getting really close to finishing it. Check.
  7. Water the yarden and the new patch of lawn. Check.
  8. Empty out the refrigerator. Yuck. Check.
  9. Deep clean the master bathroom. Check.
  10. Crochet a bit of lacy edging on the Pi Shawl. Check.
  11. Call the Drain Cleaning Guy to rooter the drain after the empty out of the refrigerator. Check.
  12. Fix the dry commode from Auntie's house so I can turn it upright. Check.
  13. Water the yarden and the new patch of lawn. Check.
  14. Quilt! and Sew! with my Quilting Friend! Yay! Check. and double Check.
  15. Finish the Pi Shawl. That's a photo of it at the beginning of this post. Check.
  16. Water the yarden and the new patch of lawn. Hey, there's new little grasses coming up! Check.
  17. CarGuy comes home. Yay!
Whew! his trips exhaust me.


  1. Nice shawl. Did you sneak in a bubble bath while Car Guy was away?

  2. Yarden. I like it! It is a good thing all that watering yielded you some grass. The shawl is pretty!

  3. Very productive - off to water in the garden myself *s*
    Your shawl is awesome.

  4. Shawl is looking great! And your making me feel lazy again.
    Nice job

  5. Anonymous6:42 PM

    What a busy person you've been. :)

  6. The shawl is fantastic. I am in abject awe of anyone who can crochet this stuff.

    Re: the new grass. I had some earlier this year; watered it religiously; it croaked anyway. I am sending you good wishes that yours does better.

    Finally - you used the garbage disposer in the sink, didn't you? Don't you know those things were invented by plumbers to create work for them???? LOL

  7. I hear you, loud and clear. My husband is inside of two weeks from retirement and I am so deeply grateful... he's traveled a LOT during his career and I know how exhausting that can be to those left behind...

  8. Wow! Do you have alot of energy.....give me some.....LOL
    Love the shawl, great job.

  9. My goodness, you got a lot done!
    Your shawl is absolutely gorgeous.

  10. You have been very busy indeed!!!

  11. Your shawl is wonderful! Yes, we get a lot done on our own sometimes, and it is always good for them to come home and appreciate!