14 June 2008

Homespun BOM: Basketweave

Here is the May block of the Homespun BOM on which I am working. I was so hoping that there would not be a block like this or like a Rail Fence. Why? Because of my alternate block in the setting on which I have decided. You can see my setting here in the second photo. I realized that this block may just get 'lost' in that setting so I chose a dark fabric that I have not yet used and I will not use it in another block. Maybe that way it will not get lost in the setting. *sigh*


  1. I like it and I think you've come up with a good solution to the setting problem.

  2. Sounds like it should work. If not, couldn't you just do a different block for this one? Or is that not acceptable?

  3. Thank you for the next block! I think it will work, I like the block...will work well in my reproductions.