15 August 2008

Alternative Energy

These sculptures were half life-size and are just great. They are from a sculpting married couple, Shelley and Michael Buonaiuto. Aren't they great? The dancing lady is "Sun"(Light Dance) and the woman on the flying carpet is "Wind"(Wild Ride). I urge you to follow the link to their website. Just remember to come back here.

This started out to be just a quick post to let you all know that I've put up another free knitting pattern. You can find the link on my side bar for the O-So Simple Hat.

Have a great weekend. Our's is going to be rainy and cold. It is 25 degrees colder than on Monday. Can you believe it?


  1. Oh those are darling. I would certainly love to have them in my yard.

  2. Amazing detail. Put a smile on my face. Thanks!

  3. Aren't those the best! So life-like! Thanks for their link. I would bet that they are a joy to visit with about their art and inspirations.

  4. I love them . . . wouldn't they look good in my garden *s*

  5. Very cool sculptures! I smile just thinking about them.