13 August 2008

Column of Leaves

It is WIP Wednesday again and I do not have a quilt-y project to show. I haven't been working on anything really since I gave two quilts to the LAer. I've been way too busy with Auntie's condo and then the sculpture show. And this weekend I'll be sewing up some blouses for Auntie. Plus trying to catch up on some housework and laundry.

I have been knitting, tho. This is the current project called Column of Leaves scarf. When it is blocked you can really see the leaves in the center of the scarf. It has been a slow knit because it's an 8 row repeat and I do not have it memorized yet. Probably when I am at the end of the scarf I'll have it memorized.

Can't you just see this in a burnt orange for a lovely fall scarf? Love the yarn. It is a butter soft Lana Grossa Cool Wool Big. Easy on the hands and not too bad to knit with in the summer.

On another note, look what I won from Nancy from Blogging, Near Philedelphia. Thanks Nancy! They are just some really beautiful batiks.


  1. I knit the same pattern last year for Step Daughter. It looked just fine being knitted, but when it was blocked, it really showed it's stuff.

    It's looking good!

  2. Love your knitting expertise and adore that green color, yes it would be pretty nifty in burnt orange, too! The batiks are great, congrats!!

  3. How pretty! Now is when I even you knitters. I am glad for your win, the batics are so pretty.

  4. Orange sounds good, but I think that green is simply *dreamy*

  5. My you have been busy lately. Maybe that was jus an art loving bear.

    It's lovely of you to be making Auntie some new clothes....kind girl.

    Your knitting looks great.

  6. I wish I knew and had time for knitting...it looks as addicting as quilting! Yours looks beautiful!

    Congrats on being a winner!!

  7. That green is gorgeous!

  8. Wish I could knit like that! It's just gorgeous!!

  9. The leaves are beautiful. You are very talented.

    I'm not sure I would be able to think of knitting a scarf in the warm weather though. I'd probably start when it gets really cold and finish w when it gets warm again.

    The batiks are beautiful. Congrats!

  10. Love the scarf, very cozy and textural.
    The fabric is pretty also.

  11. Anonymous5:50 AM

    That is the makings of a wonderful scarf, love the "leaves". I am not a knitter but I do love scarves and appreciate all of the time put into them. Great batiks too!