06 August 2008

Coffee Klatch


Pull up a chair and set down. I'll pour the coffee and set out the sweet rolls. How've you been? Me? I have been very, very busy.

I went to Denver City on Saturday. And guess what? I saw vultures. Circling over the courthouse in my little town. I wonder what that means? And the corn in the fields was higher than the top of your head. Over in that field I saw cows standing belly deep in a pond. And beyond that there were 4 deputy sheriffs on horseback! Not in a parade or at the fair, but over by Platteville where the veggie farms are located. I wonder what they were looking for? The hay has been harvested and all the hay fields are sporting flattops.

O my it was hot! 103 degrees F (39 degrees C). But the trip was a necessity. You see, I met with a real estate agent to list Auntie's condo. Yay! It is officially on the market. I hope it sells quickly. I told the agent I was willing to negotiate, within reason. I am so glad not to have to go into that place again to work.

Then I went on to the new apartment in the assisted living and was able to have a nice visit with Auntie. She had complained about the heat and I said to turn the AC on. She told me that it blows on her shoulder and chills her so I took a portable oscillating fan and set it up in a corner so it blows throughout the room. I also took about a half dozen books for her and swapped them out for the ones I left last time. She is such a voracious reader that I am spending a small fortune in books. Thank goodness for used book stores. I have started to buy an occasional used hardback because the type is bigger.

I spent a bit of time last week making a blouse sloper for her out of some 50cent a yard pink and white check fabric. She thought it was a real blouse until I had her put it on and she realized there was one long sleeve and one short sleeve. I will only have to make minor adjustments to the pattern thank goodness. She was thrilled to realize that I was going to make some blouses for her. I took five different fashion fabrics down with me, you know the kind -- the slinky, slippery stuff. I wanted her to pick out the ones she wanted. You guessed it, she wanted them all: two long sleeved and 3 short sleeved. Then she said how 'bout some slacks? Well, erm, one thing at a time, ok?

We have been getting some estimates to replace the clerestory windows in the house. One of the thermal windows is actually cracked on both sides. We are in the queue for 3-5 weeks out. That will give me a chance to make some more of the Warm Window blinds like in this post. These are not hard to make and are great if one is trying to either reduce heat gain in the summer or forestall heat loss in the winter and as a quilter I am set up with the space needed to sew on something like this. I actually saved $$$ on all the fabrics and hardware by using those Joann Fabric 40% and 50% off coupons to buy everything I needed. It has taken about a year but now I'm all set. Just need to get started.

The sculpture shows are this weekend. Can you believe that I actually get paid to hang out in an artful place and talk to people and sell some art? Tough job but somebody's got to do it.

I currently have two quilts at the long arm quilter. One of them is the Homespun BOM. When I get it back and bound I am planning on a bit of a giveaway. Stay tuned for more information on that.


  1. It's really nice of you to sew blouses for your aunt. I'm sure she will be very pleased with them. Hope the house sells quickly.

  2. Well, you sure are busy! You put me to shame! Good luck on the house sale.

  3. Well golly gee - that sweetroll sounds fabulous. Sitting here drinking my coffee "with" you. You are brave to take on blouses - I always think they are as much trouble (or more) than full dresses. Good girl. I'm sure aunty will be delighted. And fingers crossed for selling the condo -this is such a strange time. Some things take forever and others seem to scoot through. Good luck.


  4. What a nice visit with you today! Thank you for the coffee, it hit the spot. Wow - sewing blouses...... the kind with collars and cuffs and everything? Made with slickery fabric? You're my hero!

  5. Thanks for the coffee. :) You sure have been busy. I hope the house sells quickly. You've certainly got your work cut out for you - five blouses and a pair of slacks!
    It's going to get cooler here this week, hopefully there too.

  6. Good luck with selling the condo.

    maybe you could knit her a shrug - to help with the air on her shoulders...

    have you checked out the library... They usually have a large print section.

  7. Wow! You do have a lot going on! Good luck on selling the house. Have fun working this weekend.

  8. check with where she is living maybe they have a bus that takes them shopping and the library
    I would use the library in your town if they don't , you can ask for a month time on the books I bet.

  9. You are busy! How is it that you have a sloper pattern that works for your aunt? I don't sew garments so I'm not so good at this.

    Love those warm window shades. Looks like they'd keep the light out well, too, like blackout curtains.

  10. You have an "Auntie" too. How great. You might post about some of the types of reading material she likes. Could be someone wants to re-gift some....Just a thought. Take care and have fun.

  11. The coffee and sweet rolls sound good, I'll be right there!

    You painted quite a picture of Denver City - the vultures, the corn, the 'cows belly deep in the pond', sheriffs on horseback, but my favorite is 'hay fields are sporting flattops'!

    Whew, you are busy, and in this heat, it makes me tired just reading about your day.

    Hope today is quieter and cooler, have a good one!

  12. Your aunt is very lucky to have you. I know she appreciates everything you do. It's so sweet to make blouses (eek I don't think I could do that) Good luck on selling the condo


  13. Busy busy busy girl! All I've done is hop from one shop to another all week. 21 shops. Glad Aunties Condo has hit the market. Your sewing project is certainly interesting. New windows too? Whew! I say, you are doing a hopping of your own kind there! Thanks for the coffee break chat. Nice to have some company for a change. :)

  14. I enjoyed the visit, as always! You're a busy busy girl.

  15. WOw...busy indeed!! I've been busy too, but it's more work busy than sewing :)

    The heat has moved away from MD for a while, which is nice. Hopefully you are getting some heat relief as well!