04 September 2006

How was your weekend?

Hi everybody! How was your weekend? Fair warning: this is a graphic intensive post.

Did you notice that when you sign into Blogger you are given the choice of either a normal login or a beta login? After what happened to JudyL I decided not to try the beta version. There are enough techies out there that can beta. I'll wait until the bugs are worked out and for the upgrade, thank you very much.

Friday afternoon, I left work early and made a trip to my LAer to drop off another quilttop. This one is the top I worked on at our Guild retreat in April. This puts my quiltop stash down to one. 1! Yipee! My LAer (Jan) asked if I could give her some 2.5" squares so that she wouldn't have all the same fabric in a top she's making. Could I! Yep, that I can do. In fact, OCD that I am, they are already cut and stashed in one of those shoe boxes in this post. More stash reduction. Should I ask for some of her 2.5" squares in exchange? And this Jewelbox Quilt is why I have so many 2.5" squares.


And a closeup.


And in case you want to see it here is the back. The center section of it was, believe it or not, some tablecloth fabric, 100% cotton, that I found for $1.00 a yard. With the addition of a really ugly floral on black fabric it works quite well for a backing.


Saturday, I did two things. My yearly spider/dust chase with the shopvac in the basement. You should see me: dust mask, dewrag and ipod. What a sight, but the basement really looks better for it. The other thing? I put up 32 pints of peaches. Don't they look good?


Sunday, CarGuy and I did domestic type things including installing this WarmWindow© blind in the master bathroom. I have been making these to replace old, worn out window coverings. This is the third one. Next: I have 4 of them to make for the clearstory windows.



  1. Those jewels are beautiful! Do you really want more 2.5" squares? Maybe trade for a different size or shape just for variety. Did you use a kit for the window shade? It looks great.

  2. I am in love with your jewel box quilt. IN LOVE!! Did you use black kona cotton? The black looks so deep and rich.

  3. That JewelBox quilt is stunning. I love the clear brights against black, really vibrant.

    What is a WarmWindow blind? It looks padded/quilted. Did you MAKE it?? Wow, very nicely finished.

  4. What a lovely quilt - so graphic and the canned peaches ... I long to learn to can. Someday ...

  5. Hey girl, thanks for the warning about the beta thing. I'm such a low tech person I'm not sure I could ever get a big mess straightened out...LOL
    I haven't seen the option,but then, I never sign out either. So I'm always on my favorites list to the left of my screen, as are you and the others. That works too!

    Love the jewel box...and I've made a couple, but own neither. I keep wanting to do one for me, but you know how short an attention span can be..LOL So I forget til I see a gorgeous one like yours!
    I love your scrappiness...great job with the black also!!

  6. Bloglines finally let me see that you had new posts, and goodness, there is a beautiful quilt on every post! I really like the colors on this one too! They are all so different but they are all so beautiful!