11 August 2008

Unexpected Visitor

Even bears like art! This was in the morning paper.

And read to the end of this post for news of a giveaway!

Black bear roams through Loveland

LOVELAND — A small black bear was on the loose in Loveland and may have traveled through the sculpture shows early Sunday morning before it was tranquilized and taken away by the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

The bear, which was estimated to weigh between 50 and 60 pounds, was first spotted in the 1400 block of Antero Drive at about 6 a.m., said Sgt. Bob Shaffer of the Loveland Police Department.

Police did not find the bear until it was near Lake Loveland, which means it crossed 29th Street and may have gone through the sculpture shows being held at Benson Park Sculpture Garden and North Lake Park.

The bear was followed by police around Lake Loveland before it climbed a tree in the 1400 block of Lake Drive. Division of Wildlife officials tranquilized the bear with a dart and took it to an unknown location.

Now, about the giveaway. Cheryl over at Polka Dots and Rick Rack is having a super giveaway for her one year blogiversary. Go check it out!


  1. Ahhh..what's an art loving bear supposed to do?

  2. No Lions and tigers, but BEARS... oh, my!

  3. That's beary nice. I hope he enjoyed the show.

  4. Hey girl. Haven't posted to you in a while. Looks like you have been super busy. Hope you are well. I appreciate you giving your opinion on my binding.

  5. The sculpture show sounds like a great happening, so of course the bear wouldn't want to miss it. Now if he had tried to buy something ...