06 September 2008

Part Deux: Land of the Rainbow Quilt Show

Me again. You know, I never did figure out where the title to the quilt show came from; I wonder if it has Native American connections? Anyway, when we left our intrepid heroine she was showing pictures of a quilt show. The story continues...

I was quite surprised to turn a corner and find a duplicate of a quilt that I have made. Here's the back story: I was at a flea market (it's a venue similar to a rummage sale but on a permanent basis) and found a quilt kit in one of the booths. Part of the quilt was done and all the pieces were there so I purchased the kit for $24.00, took it home, and, after several years, finished it. Here is a link to my quilt. The one in the show was a duplicate but, in my opinion, not finished as well, *grin*. Both were totally hand appliqued and hand quilted. The kits were available in the 1940s.

This lovely Hawaiian-style applique quilt is by Marjie Foster. Once again, the show curator hung a quilt for maximum visual impact. This was on the landing of the stairs. I was standing about half-way up to be able to fill the camera frame. The quilt is about 40" square. It is hard to see, but in the north/south/east/west 'green arms' are little piles of green beads. Exquisite hand applique and hand quilting.

Does anyone remember this old pattern? I have it buried in the pattern book somewhere. Nope, just looked and I must have gotten rid of it in a past cleaning frenzy. It is the same concept as a Sunbonnet Sue and is a very simple applique. What caught my attention was the edge of her cape. Do you know what it is? It is some of that old style trim similar to the kind with the little dingle balls like what can be seen in this post (scroll down). It should not surprise you that I have a whole shoebox full of this type of trim. *ahem* Now that I've seen a whole quilt made with this pattern, I doubt if I will ever make it: tastes change doncha know. This quilt was probably made in the 1980's as you can tell by the style of quilting (not a lot of quilting and the motifs are giveaways) and the fabric. It was a pattern in one of the early quilt magazines.


Isn't this a lovely quilt? 42 on-point 9" basket blocks alternating with 30 plain white on-point squares with baskets hand quilted on them. There were lovely little flowers quilted at the top of each pieced basket. This was a labor of love, wasn't it?

I really enjoyed this show. The quilts were on display for the entire month of August with the reception, awards ceremony, and classes held on Labor Day weekend (Aug 30 & 31). It would have been nice if the quilt show/classes had coordinated with the car show as I would have been more than willing to bring my Featherweight and take classes while CarGuy attended the car show. Much more my style.


  1. oh, the quilting on that basket quilt is super-yummy. wow.

  2. Lots of lovely quilts there and below. Hadn't seen the little squares around the stitched hexagon before. Another idea to store away.

  3. You did excellent work finishing the flea market kit! It's gorgeous. I also love the basket quilt. Wonder if I'd have the patience to make so many blocks the same.

  4. Thanks for sharing the quilt show pictures...very interesting

  5. The book that has your Indian girl in it is: Sunbonnent Sue's Neighborhood by Quilts Made Easy
    I had picked it up at Jo-Anns with a 40% coupon $9.95 Oxmoor House

    Thanks for sharing

  6. More lovely quilts. The Indian one looks good to me. While I enjoy looking at basket quilts, I've never really wanted to make one. The quilting on it is amazing.

  7. The Hawaiian quilt is just gorgeous!

    Best, Kyra

  8. The quilted baskets are just the perfect touch.
    You have a supply of dingleberries? What fun *s*

  9. I love the basket quilt. I think it is my favorite one. Thanks for the quilt show!

  10. Oh my that basket quilt is gorgeous, definitely a labor of love.

  11. Thanks for sharing the quilt show photos with us. There are lots of inspiration in those quilts for us. I'm particularly drawn to the pieced hexagon style quilt with the embroidered birds ... very different and it would help clear out some (not many as the scraps are tiny) scraps.

  12. Sometimes looking at the older patterns just bring back great memories.