23 September 2008

The Quilter's Main Beauty Secret

O No! I ran out of my main beauty product. Well not really a beauty product. But this miracle stuff works wonders on dry flaky skin and callouses. Schmear it on the shins after a shower. Once a week slathered on the feet and then put cotton socks on and go to bed = soft feet. This stuff forestalls itchy skins and makes smooth soft elbows.

And there. Can you see it? Back in the upper left? You can just see a portion of my favorite soap. See it there in the bottle with the blue and white label. Can you guess what it is? It's Dr Bronner's Hemp and Peppermint soap. Love the stuff.

An aging hippie -- that's me.


  1. Does it work on calluses on the fingers? I'm starting to get one on my right middle finger from doing so many stitcheries lately.

    Congrats on getting some quilting/binding done.

    Auntie's blouses look lovely. I bet she likes them. How's the house selling going on her place?

  2. My favorite is the hemp and lavender *s*
    Santa Ana winds are coming . . . time for me to start greasin' my shins!

  3. Your post made me want to go pick up a Mother Earth magazine and order something out of the back! I love bag balm...helps keep finger tip cracks at bay during the winter.

  4. "An aging hippie" reminds me of the song by the Bellamy Brothers...

    'Cause he's an old hippie
    And he don't know what to do
    Should he hang on to the old
    Should he grab on to the new.

    He's and old hippie
    This new life is just a bust
    He ain't trying to change nobody
    He's just trying real hard to adjust.

  5. I love bag balm - wonder if I'll have to use it on my own bags? Do you think the baby will mind?

  6. Never heard of either of these products. Do you have to order them or where can I find them in stores?

  7. Works great on heels for me! I have not seen any around for a while, I will have to look for it.

  8. I like peppermint in soaps too. Very refreshing.

  9. Let me guess. You find these products at your local Whole Foods Coop? Is the sent of the lavender/hemp soap mild? Perfume allergies keep me away from so many things, but if it all natural and mildly scented I do okay. I think I'll stop by my WFC and look for it and some of that yummy red licorice too. It's that time of year again! :) PS: Did you ever make your scissor mini-quilt?

  10. OOO...beauty secrets! I even would love the tin to reuse for binder clips :)

  11. I had forgotten about Bag Balm. I use to use it for sore fingers from hand quilting. I need to pull it out again!