26 September 2008

Spare Time. What is that?

Yesterday, I took a day off from work to go to Denver-town to take Auntie to the doctor. The assisted living facility (ALF) will take a resident to an appointment only on Monday or Wednesday mornings and nobody goes in with the resident. Now try to coordinate THAT with a doctor's office. So anyway, she lets the wax build up in her very, very narrow ear canals until she literally loses her hearing. So I made an appointment to get her ears washed out after I had the ALF do 4 days of ear wax drops. It hurt, I know it did. But they were able to open up one ear. Sort of*. Then we traipsed over to the hearing aid store where we got her hearing aid cleaned because it was totally plugged up with wax. I will be driving to Denver-town again next week for her followup appointment. *sigh*

What's the photo, you ask? That is a picture of my whole guest room. It's tiny; big enough for a double bed, a straight chair on one side of the bed, a antique coat tree that you have to step over in another corner, and an antique dry washstand on the other side of the bed. We recently had some windows replaced, no not the one you are looking at but the one in the next photo. See that rectangle of light on the window in the first photo? That light is coming from the windows in the wall directly across. In the second photo, you are standing in the corner next to the straight chair looking up over the closet. I always thought the closet would make an excellent base for a loft. But I digress. The vinyl mini-blinds were removed (YAY!) and now there is a lot of light in this room and in the kitchen. Yes, I have cathedral ceilings in my kitchen and guest room and several sets of these windows. I forgot how light it is in this house without coverings on those southwest facing windows. During the recent full moon you could see the moon shining in. Kewl!

I need to get them covered before cold weather sets in. I have a plan. As a quilter, my sewing room is set up for working on large expanses of fabric: a quilt. These windows take large expanses of fabric. So I am going to make more of these window coverings (go to the last photo). With the old mini-blinds in place I was locked into a certain angle of the blind because of the length of the cord. I won't be so locked in when I make the new Roman Shades because I bought enough cord to bring it all the way down the wall and tie it off at a reachable level.

Of course, it all depends on time, now doesn't it?

* Maybe I should learn how to candle ears. Anyone know if candling works?


  1. I once made Roman shades for our bedroom . . .what a disaster! Okay, so I had NO sewing skill at the time. I didn't bother with a pattern. I just bought fabric (twin sheets) twill tape with rings and a bunch of cord. We wrestled those things for a few years before I felt we had suffered enough while getting our $'s worth *s*
    Hubby would really like your heavy quilted version - no light coming in the room.

  2. Oh you have the coat stand/ hat stand I was looking for but had to buy a new modern one cause I just couldn't find a wooden one.

    It will be worth it if Aunty can hear better ! Good girl again!

  3. Prayers for auntie. I've read about candling but I don't know... it all sounds promising but if it were one of my loved ones I still don't know. The windows are, indeed, a challenge but I have no doubt that you'll rise to conquer this one with no problem!

  4. Oh poor Auntie, I have a friend who swears by candeling, they have contests in their family over who can get the most out of their ears. I know kinda gross. If you do try it, poke in through a paperplate down at the end that goes into your ear.