14 October 2008

Checking in

I don't know how (or if) I did this but I wrote down a dentist appointment on the wrong day. I missed my dentist appointment yesterday. At 4:10pm the telephone rang and it was the dentist office asking me where I was; I looked on 2!! different calendars and it was written down for Tuesday on both. *sigh* So now, it really is on Tuesday, today, because it is for the permanent crown on a molar. That is so unlike me!

The home office redo is starting to come together. CarGuy needs to make a run to the home improvement store to get one more thing for hanging the shelves. I was able to get the desktop computer set up last night. You know, no matter what you do, taming the cables to all the stuff that accompanies a computer is almost impossible. The desktop computer is the one with the external hard drive for photos and backups, the flatbed scanner, the photosmart printer. the router and the speakers/woofer which all have cords, and sometimes multiple cords. I did what I could by using a 3M Cord Bundler but there is still a mess of wires. At least, CarGuy won't get his feet tangled up in the mess.

All three of the old bookcases ended up in the basement. One is in the sewing room with all the quilting and fiber books in it. The other two are in an unfinished portion to be used for storage to get things up off the floor. One of the 2 drawer file cabinets is in the sewing room also, to accomodate what remains of the garment sewing patterns. I'll probably end up putting fabric (ha!) in the other drawer; this gets rid of the cardboard archive boxes that currently hold the sewing patterns. We are getting a considerable stack of stuff in the garage to dispose, so we are thinking of running an ad in The Thrifty Nickel classifieds. If it doesn't sell, then off to the Habitat for Humanity thrift store donations.

And speaking of all this re-decorating, I'm in the mood to redecorate the blog. I am a bit tired of the minimalist look. Anybody have any recommendations for free blog-template sites?

The quilt is one I made a couple of years ago. I traded the quilt for a bronze dragon sculpture. The medallion portion is made of various sized fused applique blocks. In the upper right corner are deer tracks that I painted onto the fabric. There are a lot of medium values in this quilt, but animals tend to blend into their surrounding anyway, so I am not too worried, Ryan likes it. To make it large enough for a queen bed I add a series of borders and the log cabin border is only on 2 sides.


  1. I love that quilt, gorgeous!!!

    I got my blog template here, http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/

  2. No help on blog decorating . . . mine is fairly minimal, too. Mostly laziness on my part *s*
    What a fun barter. I've done one small trade. I hope there are more in my future!
    If you solve the cable jumble, please! share it with us all.

  3. Love the quilt also, all of the different elements come together nicely, with the added perk of hand-painted deer tracks. Good luck on your redecorating project!

  4. great quilt! I agree- check out thecutestblogontheblock.com she has some awesome templates!

  5. I'm in a fall cleaning mode. But, I do like to rearrange things also. Somehow it all feels new again when you do, without the expense and hassle of moving out and into another place.

  6. I think a minimalist look shows off beautiful quilts better than a busy one.

  7. I've done stuff like that, but then again so has the doctor's office. One time I even showed them the reminder card they made me to prove that I had down what they said.
    That is a beautiful quilt.
    Blogger has free templates too, but since you are technology savvy, you could probably take a template and customize it to fit your needs by changing the files in the code to ones you like. I like the cutestblogontheblock templates too, but I haven't used one.

  8. I agree with www.thecutestblogontheblock.com I added a background of their onto my blog and it was very easy. I love the look! The quilt is fantastic!

  9. That quilt says Colorado all over it (or maybe just my idea of Colorado - I've only been there once!). Still, really really cute.

    As for computer cords, give up and declare yourself defeated. I did, long ago. If my husband ever gets that wireless printer he talks about I will dance in the streets - one less cable to cram behind the desk.

  10. Wow, I love that quilt! The contrasts in the colors are so beautiful.
    We need to see the Dragon sculpture to see who got the best of that deal!