24 October 2008

Her Strut

Do you remember the blue FQ bundle I won at the last guild meeting?

Sometime last summer at one of the guild meetings, a small square of muslin stamped with the guild logo was handed out with the instructions to embellish it and make it into a name badge. The stamp used has been used off and on for many years in the guild and this is the name badge I made about 8 years ago. Obviously, it is nothing fancy. I colored in using Micron Pigma Pens and added a sweet orange rose after my name. I did a pillowcase turn and did not even bother to stitch up the turning hole. There is no pin back I just use a corsage pin.

How in the world did I manage to win third prize with this creation? I think it is because I know how to strut my stuff! *smile*

I digitally erased the name to protect the innocent.


  1. Strut on, girlfriend. You have talent and don't forget it.

  2. simplicity is always the best sometimes :)

    And who is innocent?? :)

  3. It is a lovely pin and I'm sure you wear it well. Yeah, I was wondering about that innocent person as well.

  4. Wonderful! Love it, the simple fun ideas are the very best. Strut on, girl!