26 February 2009


Auntie received two of these at Christmas time. I thought I'd try to revive them for her for next Christmas. Here is a page from my journal to jog my memory.

It says:
  • treat it like an onion after the blooms
  • plant in vegetable garden after threat of frost
  • set bulb with top half out of soil
  • let leaves grow long & luxuriant to plump bulb
  • just before 1st frost dig it up
  • cut off leaves
  • put on tray in dark basement
  • ignore
  • pot it up around Thanksgiving (for my international readers this is at the end of November)


  1. Exquisite! You have an artist's soul in all ways, Paula!

  2. You are amazing Paula. You can do it all...............

    The sewing machine mat is just the thing to brighten your stitching and the price was just right....

  3. What an excellent and beautiful way to jog your memory!

  4. Pretty! So how do you treat an onion?

  5. How do you treat an onion? With great care or it'll make you cry! Lol, ooooh, you meant an onion bulb? Very pretty drawing and a fun entry in your journal. You might be interested to read Time is A River by Mary Alice Monroe.

  6. You have an eye for drawing - not surprising, considering how artistic your quilts are.

    As for amaryllis, I have them growing in my back yard and they do wonderfully. I just cut the leaves off after they wither in the fall, and stake the blooms if they get too heavy. No muss, no fuss and no digging and storing the bulbs! We don't get very cold winters so they sit in the ground very happily until spring. They were here when I bought the house, so I can't claim credit.

  7. and now you can make a Georgia O'Keefe style quilt out of it too!

  8. Fantastic, I didn't know about the long and luxuriant leaves plumping the bulb until now, makes sense! You are an artist extraordinaire!