24 February 2009

A Little of This, A Little of That

Have you ever seen the play or movie "A Chorus Line" ? I have it on DVD and watch it a lot. Must be the music. Anyway. The title of this post comes from a line in the movie, in case you were wondering. You probably weren't. But if you want to know the context of the quote, why, watch the movie!

The quietness of the blog points to busyness at La Casa del Quilter.

I went to visit Auntie on a beautiful sunny Sunday and it was nice to just sit and visit and not have to 'do'. I was able to stay and visit for over an hour.

But long before going to Denver-town I was sewing. Sewing on Quilts of Valor quilts. One, two three tops and their backings are done and pin basting is in the near future.

The 4SQSMONO is done except for the label. This is being sent out of the country so it needs to to get into the mail very soon to be able to meet the deadline.

Lots of knitting going on, too. The stack of Log Cabin Barn Raising knitted blocks from leftover sock yarn is growing taller. A new process is in place: for every pair of socks that get knit a square will be knit too. A few pair of socks never got their photos taken, but the yarn is still in the basket so it (and the socks) will be preserved in a knitted square.

The photo is from Microsoft Clipart and I find it amusing that all the yarn items look like crochet but the photo shows knitting needles. And where is the sewing needle that goes with the sewing thread and thimbles?


  1. The sewing needle has probably gone into the same black hole that sucks up pins. Why do I have to keep buying pins? Where do they go?

  2. You are so observant. I had to go back and study the picture to see what you were referring to. It is funny sometimes the way things are displayed. Remember the Northern quilted toilet tissue that hand ladies sitting around the "quilting" with knitting needles!!!

  3. They must have gotten the spools of thread from my house - I have all those colors. They probably couldn't find my needle, cause I have a hard time finding it too.

    Making a square from your sock yarn sounds like a good plan.

  4. I like your way of "preserving" the socks in the squares -- kind of like a knitted scrap quilt.
    When I saw that photo, I thought it looked restful and I liked the colors, but it seemed a little contrived. After I read your comments I went back and looked again. Do the thimbles look like they'd fit different size fingers?

  5. You have been one busy gal. I bet you and Auntie enjoyed your visit. How restful to just have the chance to chat *s*

  6. You have been a busy girl. An hour of just being sounds wonderful! I hope Auntie enjoyed your visit. How is she doing?

  7. This photo is great, I like the mix of colors and items. Very artsy!!
    I think you could frame it and put it on a wall.