01 May 2009

Wake Up Call

CarGuy and I participated in a community health fair and picked up our blood work results on Saturday. Suffice to say, it wasn't pretty. Total lifestyle changes are needed on both of our parts.

Along with changing my diet, I've been spending time with these ladies.

The DVD on the left is good if you like a bit more choreography (as in dance moves) and each of the 3 levels is only 30 minutes. The DVD on the right is movement, mainly walking. The 2 mile walk runs about 45 minutes. I have never made it to the 4 mile. Yet.

Did you know there is a fat-free half and half? What an oxymoron.


  1. I'm thinking you are NOT alone in the results shock. Difference is that YOU are doing something about it...and I say GOOD FOR YOU! Wish I had just a tat of that motivation. Love the Fat Free Half and Half....makes ya wonder, half what???? Hugs, Finn
    P.S. Sooo sorry about your recent snow.

  2. I've used Leslie Sansone's DVDs. You would think walking would be simple, but it can be tough when following her. I like her.

    Since I don't have a lot of fat in my diet I treat myself to regular half and half. It's one of my little indulgences.

  3. Love using leslie's DVDs! I have the one that's a different workout for each of 5 days. Keep up the good work!

  4. OH...the guilt, the guilt, not the quilt...the quilt. I hang my head in shame and remember how much I was walking on my Douglas Island beach and now I am sitting on my Salem, Oregon ....well, you know.....

  5. if its fat free i'v tried it but watch the sugar content. when they remove the fat they add sugar to make it taste better. I like Land o Lakes.

    i'm on a new diet of my own creation. I eat any foods I want only 1/2 the amount of what I would usually take. so far, 5 lbs in 10 days. i also try to avoid too many carbs.

    good luck with the exercise. that's my nemesis. the only thing i exercise regularly is my big butt in a chair!

  6. Hey! Nice to hear there is another quilter out there making her way to a healthier lifestyle. Who knew there was a DVD for walking? Sure is more difficult to stay healthy once we get into our ummm...mid life? I think I'll pass on the half and half, skim is my friend and I'm sticking with her!

  7. The more I study the 'replacement' category of foods, the faster I get away from them.

    My goal is to keep eating less of natural, real food until I get to the weight I desire.

    Of course, I am getting older and my metabolism has slowed so I have to deliberately move more. It seems that walking and the treadmill are my thing. Thankfully summer is coming and I can start bike riding again.

    May you have the success you desire! We are rooting for you!

  8. Walking is my favorite form of exercise . . . . if only I could get around to putting on my shoes *s* Hubby and I have been getting out several evenings per week. I love how just that little bit makes me feel so much better *s*

  9. Most diet foods are scary. So many chemicals are added to duplicate the texture and "mouth feel" of fats (yes, that's an actual industry term). Sometimes the real thing, just less of it, is the best, like Connie said in the other comment. If it wasn't around a hundred years ago, we probably shouldn't be eating it now. My husband's grandmothers lived into their mid-nineties. And they weren't eating fat free half and half!

  10. Now don't disillusion me - I use ff 1/2'n1/2. Actually I used to use a soy creamer (I think it was Silk) but my grocery quit carrying it - they only had the vanilla flavored one and I KNOW that one has extra sugar in it. Oh dear me.

  11. Here's to you and your exercise! YOU ROCK.

  12. Do you have outfits like them? Giggles
    I don't think it matters, I eat and drink diet everything!