06 May 2009

Denver Quilt Festival

I went to the Denver Quilt Festival on a rainy Saturday. For those cat lover's out there, go check out one of the winning quilts -- Siamese cats with beautiful blue eyes.

The quilt shown is "Ribbitt" by Leigh Cabell, which won an honorable mention. Do you see what this it? This is a huge (90"x106") cathedral window quilt with beads at every intersection. The planning that went into this quilt, o my! At the bottom of the eye on the right side of the quilt, when she needed that blue+black, she pieced a little corner triangle of black onto the blue so that when the 'window' was peeled back it revealed the very bottom of the pupil.

My GF and I thoroughly enjoyed our day out that included breakfast and linner *smile*.

More on one of the exhibits in a later a post. I promise.


  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Simply awesome!

  2. That is an awesome quilt, you are right, that is a lot of planning. The song was wonderful as well. I'd seen the link on another blog, but after seeing it again, figured it might be worth the effort to see it.

  3. Thanks for the head's up... (I had seen that at her local show.)

    I love the Best Colorado Wall Entry...

  4. Hey Paula -- I was there!!!! on Saturday! Darn it - wish I had known and I could have tracked you down to say "Hello"!

    I came on a bus from our area, with 54 other little guild ladies and one man. 8-) Had a great time and did my part for economic stimulus.