11 July 2009

10 Ways to Save Time for Quilting

1. Turn off the television. You can record the shows you want to watch and then skip through all the commercials. Or sit and do handwork with the family if you don't want to be sequestered in another room.
2. Turn your waiting times into useful times. Once again with the handwork: carry it with you for those waiting instances in the doctor's office or other appointments. I have found that knitting socks is highly portable, it's not quilting but IS fiber related.
3. Ignore the housework. This one will be hard, but learn to look the other way when the dust bunnies come out to play or when the dishes pile up. Maybe it will get so bad that someone else in the household will do it, but if that doesn't happen then maximize your housework time.
4. Shop less often. Every weekend I make a menu for the upcoming week and then shop accordingly for that week. It has reduced my trips to the grocery store to once a week.
5. Make a to-do list. Isn't it fun to mark an item off of your list? Admit it, it feels good.
6. Stop cruising the internet. Limit your computer time and turn on your sewing machine. The time (sometimes hours!) spent blog surfing could be spent putting a quilt block together.
7. Every meal does not need to be fancy. Learn to love your slow cooker. On hot days, I have even been known to set it on the patio table so it does not heat up the kitchen.
8. Stop downloading and organizing those free Block of the Month patterns and start making the ones you have. Quit procastinating!
9. Utilize those small moments. If you only have 10 minutes at a time, then break your big projects down into smaller, do-able chunks. You would be surprised at how much gets done this way.
10. Make a date with yourself. Block out several hours or a morning and write it on the calendar. You do not miss other appointments so don't miss this one.
You are worth it!


  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    You have hit the nail on the head. Thanks for posting the list to remind us.

  2. Great suggestions! I especially like the one about ignoring housework.

  3. Whoo, boy, good list to follow!! I love the one about ignoring the dust bunnies!! tee hee

    If I could just get my blogging under control,,,,,,,,,

  4. Yeah, I have a real hard time with #6 and #8. You girls have the best ideas and patterns, I just can't help myself!

  5. These are wonderful ideas. #6 is my biggest downfall.

  6. All very good ideas! I have the one about ignoring housework down pat - now, cutting back on internet time might be a battle. My biggest problem is the laundry, I have every intention of doing it each night - then I get involved in sewing or blogging and don't think about it until hubby says something about not having any clean work clothes! Speaking of which...I need to put a load in the dryer and start up another...

  7. Excellent suggestions!!!

    My best and most effective is, put all the quilt books out of sight and stop thinking of new ideas and just work on one thing! I suffer from overload too easily.

    I get AAAAA+++++ in ignoring housework. 8-)

  8. Your 10 suggestions for quilting time are excellent. A few of them I already do but a couple, I'll have to try. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks for the tips - I will admit that I usually don't have a problem with forgetting about the house work. Yikes!

  10. thanks for posting you list. I really needed this. You really hit the nail on the head. Will post a link, so that others can read this too. My biggest downfalls are: work, exercise program, #6 and #8

  11. Great suggestions Paula! I've employed most all of them except making friends with my slowcooker...LOL. I find a peanut butter sandwich is much faster *VBS*
    When cooking for one it's easy to have tooooo much. Freezing works well for some meals but not everything. I especially like the "turn off the tv"! Hugs, Finn

  12. Can I add - organize your sewing tools all in 1 place so you don't waste time looking for them! My sewing table is an old school desk and I love all the drawers to keep my tools in 1 place. Also, I always keep my sewing area set up! And I just keep 1 project at a time out so I don't have to spend time clearing off my space before I can even do anything. 10 minutes here and there sure do add up! Great list.

  13. It's funny how those little things all add up to make a quilt. I would love to stop shopping all together - I am no fan of my local mega-chain *s*

  14. Yes, well, I need to focus a bit more - sometimes, but also need to give myself permission to just be away sometimes. In the end it will all work out. By the way - how are you coming with car guy's quilt? [I do hope I have his 'name' right.]

  15. All of these are so true.... thank you for posting the list.

    Also, I love the set-up of your blog.... which template do you use?



  16. Where's the one about avoiding going to work? I really was looking for that one...

  17. Great list! Limiting time on the computer is the toughest one for me...love the image of the crockpot out on the deck/porch!

    One "rule" I use is when my Dh takes a day to go golfing I use that time to play in the sewing room!

  18. Thanks for the reminders...great post!

  19. Loved your ten rules...so very true.

  20. That's some wise words... It hit me :o)
    Think I'll just have to keep them in mind... :o)
    Happy sewing,

  21. I love the slow cooker on the patio idea, and I don't have any trouble ignoring house work.
    Great list of how to make more time.
    I'll add that to my list of things to do.