21 October 2009

Autumn Leaves


Auntie needed a new decoration for her door and this pattern has been languishing in the 'some day' pile. After working on The Firewood Quilt for months and months, a quick project was needed for instant gratification.

The pattern is from Quilter's World August 2008 magazine, which, BTW, has the cutest little quilt on the cover of the December issue. This small 18"x18" quilt is a product of the stash: backing, batting, fabric, buttons, thread.

There are several balls of Candlewicking Cotton in the stash that have provoked thoughts of usage in quilts. The first attempt is shown here as big stitch quilting. My opinion? Meh. The thread is much too soft to do a larger quilt and will be used for embroidery, as it was intended.

Small projects such as this are a great way to try new techniques


  1. Absolutely adorable! Auntie will love it.

  2. Just the perfect finish and a nice gift too.

  3. Very pretty. I'm sure Auntie is pleased with this.

  4. This is a sweetie. You are so right - something smaller so a project can actually be completed!