27 March 2010

Dry Discourse

Several years ago, a study by the Lotion Industry stated that the northern Colorado/southern Wyoming area was the itchiest place in the US. I believe it because of the amount of body lotion used in this household.

But that is not what I came to talk to you about. I came to discuss laundry. That mundane task that happens every week or so, or a least it should.

About 2 or 3 years ago, I switched to plain white vinegar from fabric softener because of the chemicals, dye and scents. I like the vinegar because it not only softens my clothes but it cleaned the gunk (technical term) from the dryer drum. Maybe too well.

Lately, I've noticed static, lots and lots of static. Static when I get out of the car and zap myself on the car door when I close it. Static when I touch the furnace thermostat at work, which, fortunately is not digital. I have had to start discharging my static electricity on metal (like file cabinets) before I sit down at the computer. I even zap CarGuy when we kiss. But the turning point was when I took freshly washed cotton quilting fabric from the dryer and all the raveled ends stood straight out from the fabric!

I went searching for an anti-static something, anything. My criteria included no spray, no chemicals, no scent. I found this product from Seventh Generation and this product from Method. I started with the Seventh Generation product and I think I'm in love. So far everything that I've pulled from the dryer is STATIC FREE!! Woot! Woot! When this box of dryer sheets is gone, I'll start on the ones from Method.

Sidebar: the bagger at Whole Foods Market asked me if I was having a dryer sheet emergency, which I found extremely funny. I told him my story in "four part harmony" and we both were laughing so hard we had others laughing just because we were laughing.

Update later the same day: I just finished doing a burn test on some of that "cotton quilting fabric" and it was just as I suspected -- there were some poly/cottons in the batch of free fabric.


  1. I think we have a similar itchy factor here, at least in the winter -- and those dryer sheets look fabulous!! Is there a scent to them?

  2. ooh I hate to get shocked! I try to leave water sitting around the house, even on the stove sometimes with very low heat, to increase the humidity level in the house. I would love to get a whole house humidifier again.

  3. My sister told me another use for those dyr sheets. She puts them in her shoes after she takes them off, and in her hubby's golf shoes. No static cling, and no stinky toes! Since she told me that, I figfures they might be useful for other stuff as well. For instance I make sure I stick a few in my suitcase to tuck in with the dirty clothes during the course of my trip.

  4. I'm also a long time viniger user, it is humid here so I don't have the static problem.
    Thanks so much for the yarn, I'm looking at it, trying to decide what I want to make out of it and then will think color!
    You are so sweet!

  5. Can't wait for the results!

  6. I use vinegar too...I also use it as rinse aid in my dishwasher and it works great!

    I'll have to look for the method product as static is a problem here too...mind you give it a month and the rain will cure that!

  7. Holy cow - I've been one itchy girl this winter, too. Good thing I zeroed in on the liberal and repeated application of lotion early on or I may have just flaked away.

    As for the dryer softener bit - I've been using a combination of concentrated liquid softener (with that April fresh scent) and white vinegar in the wash for a while now. Love the results. Bonus is no dryer sheet left over to figure out what to do with.