26 March 2010

National Quilting Day *AND* a Retreat

What could be better than going on a quilting retreat the weekend of National Quilting Day? How about being "forced" to stay inside because of this?


It didn't snow a lot in Cheyenne Wyoming but if you know anything about Wyoming it is that the wind blows. A. LOT. This storm was moving in on Friday so a lot of the ladies attending the retreat opted to go a day early, including me. Even though there was no snow on Thursday, there was a strong wind, the kind of wind that had the semi trucks pulled over onto the edge of the highway. This quilter persevered, though, because you cannot keep a quilter from retreat! It was a good thing that I took more projects than normal because with that extra day I was able to get more done. You will see those in upcoming posts.

There were 38 of us in one of the fancy conference rooms at the hotel and all of the ironing and cutting boards were set up in a smaller adjacent room. We even had a guild member who is a masseuse come and give massages. Divine!


I'll leave you with one of the very creative member's WIP. This quilt will be gifted to a daughter who is graduating from college as a music major. The black batik used in this has musical instruments and symbols all over it. Wonderful, wonderful quilt.



  1. How fun! Nothing like time spent sewing and chatting while the weather does as it pleases *s*

  2. Ha ha! You should join the Liberated Quilters group. We have cyber retreats once a month which don't involve getting in the car; getting snowed in, or blown away by the wind!

    Despite that, it looks as if you had fun.

  3. Anonymous7:24 AM

    How does that old song go, "You can't keep a good man (or woman) down" ........ Glad you got there safely and had such a great retreat.

  4. Oh my, yes, the wind can be awful in Wyoming. It is not uncommon to see flags or wind socks glued to the sky! It is a little unnerving to see semis thrown off of the road by the strong wind gusts or to see two semis drive parallel on the interstate with the tops of their trailers touching. I discovered it was a method drivers use to avoid being blown over. I would rather see them parked along side the road and wait for better conditions.

    Glad you had a good time and that it was a productive retreat.

  5. Having time to sew is great....snow and wind....not so great but then who cares cause you're inside!!!

  6. The quilt is looking beautiful - a gift worth treasuring. The retreat looks like so much fun - am glad you knew to go a day early.

  7. Retreats are just a ball, hope you had lots of fun. Can't wait to see some of the projects.

  8. Wow! How beautiful! I love the colors and shapes, ick the weather. But nice if you are inside looking out!

  9. What a lovely facility! So glad you didn't let the weather keep you away from quilt retreat! Look forward to seeing what you made!