11 May 2010

Bizzy as a Bee

There is so much bizzy-ness that there really hasn't been time for a photo. Of course, the photo ops on what is happening are not the greatest. It would be like watching paint dry. Yawn. What's been happening around La Casa del Quilter? A lot.
  • There is the ongoing knitting. Two different projects are on the needles: a pink donation baby blanket to use up some acrylic yarn and of course the ever-present socks.
  • When Quilty Friend came to visit on Saturday, I spent our time together putting a binding on a Quilt of Valor quilt. It is now finished except for the presentation case.
  • Sunday, of course, was Mother's day and TheKid took CarGuy and me to dinner as a combination Mother's Day and Father's Day. First words out of his mouth in the parking lot were "Happy Hallmark Day!"
  • Quilting commenced on the second of the Quilt of Valor quilts. When I had to pick out some quilting stitches because the edge folded under and got caught in the quilting, it was time to close up the shop for the day. 
  • I pulled fabrics from the stash for two more donation quilts and worked up a couple of quickie designs in EQ.
Note about the clipart. Isn't it funny what one can do with boredom, a black Sharpie and a yellow highlighter?


  1. Enjoy your busyness! Glad you had a wonderful Hallmark holiday...

  2. I see that you are very buzzzzzzzy!

  3. The Kid is right on track with the Happy Hallmark Day thing. Had to chuckle when I saw this, lol. You are always a busy busy girl, getting plenty done, but it's nice to hear that a quilty friend shared some time visiting, too.

  4. Bizzy is right, buzz...buzz... must be something in the water! I, too, have been suffering from similar buzzing symptoms.

  5. Bizzy is good - will the snow/rain slow you down?

  6. Busy Bee is right! You go girl! 8-)
    Cute "clipart"...

  7. Sounds like good Bizzyness. The clipart is cute. Very professional, I was wondering if you found it somewhere on the web.

  8. I would be delighted to see photos of each of these exciting activies!