13 May 2010

Denver National Quilt Festival


The busyness from the previous post resulted in not having time to clean up a lot of the photos from this quilt show, which, BTW, was an excellent show. My friend and I enjoyed it immensely. There seemed to be a lot more applique this year, but then maybe that is what I'm tuned for right now. The photo above is just a small section of the Viewer's Choice winner. Each small quilt on this larger quilt was made separately and then appliqued to the background. No detail was overlooked -- including the award ribbons on the quilts. You can click on it to get it bigger. To see the whole quilt click on the Official Denver National Quilt Festival.

Here are some links I have collected over the past weeks on this show.

Official Denver National Quilt Festival website photos. This link gives you the winners.

This Smilebox slide show from Great American Quilt Factory shows a special exhibit of their quilts.

Erin Russek has a two-part post on the Denver National Quilt Festival. Here are
Erin's first post and then
her second post that shows several of the quilts at this show.


  1. VERY NICE! The workmanship from the quilt show was obviously amazing. I especially enjoyed the Great American Quilt Factory slideshow. Do you remember the name of that music? I know I've heard it before but cannot remember.

  2. That is a beautiful quilt. I hope I get to see it in person. Thanks for the links.

  3. It's amazing what quilters are capable of. Thanks for sharing the pic and the links.

  4. Wow! Those are some gorgeous quilts! I love the 'Quilt Show'! Very clever! Thanks for sharing the links!

  5. It's always inspiring to go to a quilt show. Gets the juices flowing!

  6. I havent been to a quilt show in a long time! You have me in the mood. I use to go every year to Paducah, KY, it really gets me in the mood to get the sewing machine out.