18 March 2011

Fabric Purchases

Do you remember this post about the three gift certificates I had? Well, two of them have been used. Yes, indeedy, I went shopping. Wanna know what I got? Well, fabric of course!

My friend, MagicLady, and I went on a Saturday afternoon to two different shops in two different towns. The first shop was a new one and I ran amuck. These fabrics came home with me.


Isn't that yummy? The top two are batiks. All but $6.00 of the gift card was used up. At the second shop, I found two portions of a panel by Moda (Red, White & Bold by Sandy Gervais) on the clearance table. I thought they would make good pillowcases/presentation cases for QOV.


These portions were actually the top and bottom sections of a panel like this one:

I need to double check on the required size of the cases. It would be nice if 2 cases could be made from these but if not, then there will be one really nice one with scraps. I did not have a gift card for these. *shrug*.

The next stop was online at Connecting Threads. By adding some money to the gift coupon this kit jumped into the virtual shopping cart.
I significantly added to the stash in the last several weeks. There is still one more certificate to go and that will get used next week when the shop is having their anniversary sale.


  1. What a nice shopping day! I love the quilt kit that you chose. It's a happy day when you get to bring home new fabrics.

  2. Wow... love the fabric, the flag panels, and that quilt kit! I love anything "Irish Chain" and this one is cool!

    It's great fun shopping with gift certificates!

  3. What a fun day of shopping - and all that much more fun when gift cards are involved. :-D I like what you added to your fabric cupboard. I use a lot of Connecting Threads thread. So where's the anniversary sale happening?

  4. Sounds like a great day - they are all pretty fabrics.

  5. How fun to spend gift certificates for quilting fabric- what a great set of cards to have- I love how the connecting threads kit jumped into your cart. I often have things that jump into my cart at connecting threads - especially during their book sale and their batting sale. I recently purchased some batiks that they had in their weekly sale..
    Now to get quilting on National quilting day...
    Thanks for sharing your new additions to your stash- it sounds like a fun day..
    Warmest regards,

  6. I love those top ones! yum!!! excellent job choosing!

  7. I want to go shopping with you! Looks super

  8. How nice! Love the colors! I've decided to make a quilt for my brother's wedding, well, I better get started *giggle*