21 March 2011


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  • Now that Joey's quilt (Double 4-Patch Emergence) is done, I've been working once again on this quilt. What you see here are the completed 12 blocks. All the prep work completed for the rest of the applique pieces. Progress reports will be forthcoming. It has been good to get back to the handwork.


  • On the knitting front, what I thought was going to be a sweater turns out to be a coat!!! The clue was in the name of the pattern: Autumn Coat by Oat Couture. Some yarn, Superwash Bulky by Brown Sheep in a colorway called Purple Haze, picked up at a fiber related garage sale several years ago is turning this pattern into a warm coat. For you knitters out there, this is a no-twist yarn and is a dream to work with.
  • Dealing with governmental agencies has tied my stomach into knots. 

  • Spring is springing 'cause the flickers are back. Photo is lifted from the American Birding Association site. These birds have cost us a lot of money by drilling holes in two different sides of the garage. On one side, they got into the wall and pulled out the insulation. There were pink tufts of insulation all over the yard. Let me tell you how hard that was to pick up. The problem was solved by installing fiber cement siding. Bet their beaks got bent at the first rat-a-tat-tat. But now they have started on the house. Ugh.


  1. Your applique is beautiful. That will be quite a showy quilt.

    And the coat is adorable. Gotta love the sizing at the website: Small, Medium, Large, Larger, Largest!

    As for flickers and vandalism, even if your house isn't edible (or peck-able) I guess there are always bird/bug/rodent issues. Mom found that some critter was stripping the insulation off the wiring on her heat pump. And the birds are stuffing her metal porch awning full of nests as usual. Not to mention the mice trying to invade her storage shed. The wildlife appears to be trying to take over.

  2. Love that purple yarn! Make sure to post a photo of your coat when you are finished.

    When I was a kid, red-headed woodpeckers had fun drilling holes in the house. I haven't seen one since, so I wonder if they are still in the area. I see lots of flickers in my neighborhood.

  3. Beautiful! I love the colors!

  4. The blocks are lovely! Can't wait to see the coat!

    No one likes to be hating on birds, but when they start tearing your house apart, I am sure they lose their charm, fast!

  5. I love your work, the quilts, the knitting that you do. You're always an inspiration to me. I am needing a new knitting project soon and will be making a visit to a yarn shop next week. I know I'm won't attempt a coat at this point but I love the color of your yarn and may look for something with a color similar to yours, or in blues. I'm tired of knitting with the orange now that I've completed the Reader's Wrap. Have a nice day.

  6. I don't know if this will work but when we had barn swallows trying to build nests under the eves and over the windows of our house I got a couple of plastic owls from the garden department and hung them on two sides of our house. Seems to keep them away now.

  7. oh that bue and green one is gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to see what you do next!

  8. Your Flicker saga is amazing....I didn't know the little critters could do that kind of damage......a shotgun may be in order.....just sayin'....LOL

  9. Your applique quilt is gorgeous. It is going to be a great quilt.

    The purple yarn is really pretty - great color.

    Yep dealing with governmental agencies is up there in the list of stressors. I wish you luck.

    That is such a pretty bird. It is too cute to cause that kind of problem.

  10. I love the color of that yarn. It is lucious!

    I totally approve of your fabric purchases. Connecting threads fabric is really affordable and I think the quality is good. Love the kit you bought.

  11. 1. The appliqued blocks are scrumptious!
    2. The color of the yarn is wonderful, really wonderful.
    3. The birds are so destructive! Something has built a nest in my carport and my freshly washed car stays freshly washed about 10 minutes. :(
    I'm in a list mood today. :) blessings, marlene

  12. The quilt is just beaeutiful -very nice work.

  13. Your quilt is quite lovely with the applique and the wonderful combination of the blues and greens.

    What a great coat pattern to knit and it looks like it will be soft and warm to wear.

    Sorry to hear about your flicker problems. When we were living in Colorado, our next door neighbor had the same problem. She put up large plastic owls around her house, and that helped for a while, but they can really do a lot of damage.

  14. I love the blues and greens of the quilt. I had one hand project that I figured would take me through the winter but I've been blazing through one after another. Haven't been at the sewing machine except to mend for quite awhile.

    As to the flickers - I'm surprised the cement siding stopped them. They go at my neighbor's metal chimney cap each and every day. I was kind of hoping they'd forget about it over the winter!

  15. The flickr photo is lovely, Steve just saw one in our backyard and was trying to remember the name of the bird.
    I love that quilt, it is one of my all time favorites! The colors and the design!

  16. Your applique blocks are gorgeous!