16 July 2011

Summer Knitting


I have been doing a bit of Summer Knitting in an effort to bust the sock yarn stash. I pulled all the self-striping yarn and put it in a basket near my spot in the living room. With self-striping yarn, one doesn't need to get fancy, just let the yarn do the work. The first pair of socks were knit with an afterthought heel from Melody Johnson @ Fibermania. It does give a different look to the sock, doesn't it?


I am not happy with the second pair of socks at all. No sir-ee. I changed NOTHING from one sock to the other and look at what the pink does on each sock.I wonder if the colors were a bit longer on one of the skeins. But done is done so I am not ripping it out.


And then there is this lovely! I used sock yarn to knit up this smoke ring/cowl scarf in a feather and fan pattern. These scarves are so wonderful to wear as they stay on like a necklace.


  1. Oooh such pretty knitting. I'm with you though, don't much care for the one sock, it didn't stripe correctly.

  2. Those socks won't show up too differently when you have shoes on; y'know? The cowl scarf is gorgeous, I have seen those and drooled over them. I am NOT, I repeat...NOT... taking up knitting! Too many vices have a hold of me already. You do incredibly lovely work.

  3. I live the second pair.... they're unique and therefore... special.

  4. Ooh, how fun! Love your socks!

    I agree. I have vowed to purchase sock yarn much more often...just to use for scarves, fingerless gloves, cowls, slouchie hats.... The list goes on.

  5. Great job on all of the projects.

    The pink socks are definitely fraternal twins. It's strange how the heel and gusset are nearly the same.

  6. I love knitting afterthought heels, too. Just finished a pair last night. Your socks look great!

  7. Ha! The better to camouflage your left foot. Love the blog.

  8. I love your socks! I just finished my first pair ever. I just followed the instructions carefully and it worked. I don't know if I'll get brave enough to try to alter patterns like you?
    The yarn I used made stripes too. I was careful to try to get the yarn at the same color/starting point, but they're a little different too. It looks like yours had longer runs of color? They're fun anyways!

    I really like your cowel too. My DIL made me one for Christmas and I love it. :)

  9. Nothing like sock knitting in the summer!
    I have a huge bulky sweater I could finish in a short amount of time, but can't seem to get it out and hold it on my lap. *ugh*