04 September 2011

Catching Up

Ever since Auntie's passing, I have been busy catching up on the things left undone around here. The garage sale is over and all leftovers delivered to Habitat ReStore.

Weeding and yarden work has commenced. The vegetable garden got hailed on twice at the beginning of summer and then totally neglected. As I was pulling the knee-high weeds and grass out I found about 6 lonely little basil plants.They are now drying on the top of the fridge. I spread a thick layer of newspaper on the garden. This has a two-fold advantage: it keeps the neighborhood cats out and will break down over the winter and help build the soil.

Today was spent in the kitchen. I was so totally together and organized there today! What did I do? Well, I thawed a turkey breast in the sink. While that was thawing, I made green chili in the crock pot and set it on the deck to cook just to tease the neighborhood. Well, really, I like to use the crock pot outside because it doesn't heat the kitchen and I could use the counter space today. Then I baked up three loaves of zucchini bread. As the bread was baking I made the filling for krautburgers and then refrigerated it. Once the bread was done, I turned off the oven and added a pie pan of water to the lower oven shelf. In went the bread dough to raise. The end result was 14 krautburgers wrapped in foil and popped into the fridge. Then it was on to supper: burritos covered in green chili.

I promise to have some kind of sewing related content soon. Right now it is off to sit and knit on a sock while I watch Ice Road Truckers.


  1. OMG that is my garden. I had the most beautiful start but then the hail hit. The first hail killed the back and the second finished off the front beds. I have a ton of weeds to pull in back and then I was thinking of putting hay back there. Not sure which would be better.

    Today was cleaning day - I think tomorrow will be baking/cooking. Isn't this weather wonderful!

  2. You will sleep well tonight!

  3. its not nice to tease the neighbors!! I would have invited myself over for supper. What's a krautburger??

  4. Anonymous7:07 AM

    You have been busy! Good for you!

  5. You have been very productive. I bet it feels good to have accomplished so much.

    The turkey breast sounds delicious.

  6. What a cook you are--I'll be right over with my fork!

  7. After two years of no garden and a third garden that I had to leave the bounty behind, I am chomping at the bit to get started next year!

  8. Wow, sounds like you were on a roll! (no pun intended) It would be yummy to have some of those recipes. Not familiar with krautburgers --sounds intriguing. I have just come across your blog today; I picked it up at Mrs. Goodneedle's comment section. Your sweet photo and sweet words drew me to your blog. I like it! I think I'll stay. Perhaps I can return the blessing with a few good words from time to time.
    Until then, may God bless!