28 November 2011

Design Wall Monday 11-28-11

Small changes are on the wall this week.
  • The blue batik on the right is there to remind me to fix a nasty on one of my winter coats.
  • Next to it is a scarf made with some very slippery nylon ribbon yarn that refused to knit up nicely. I sandwiched it between two sheets of water-soluble Solvy and made a ribbon scarf.
  • To the left of the scarf are two applique blocks that I prepped on Sunday. I am testing different applique techniques so I can make a decision on which to use for the Baltimore Christmas. Have I mentioned this upcoming quilt? The top block (in red) was prepped using a glue stick and the bottom block was prepped using starch. My stress level on the starched block was so much lower than when I did the top block that it really is a no-brainer what technique I am going to use.


  1. Lots of interesting things on your design wall today! Looking forward to watching your progress on the Baltimore Christmas quilt!

  2. I love the peek into your thought processes! Your Baltimore quilt has inspired me, I am partial to my own method for applique and understand how it's a very personal decision for each and every individual. Have fun~

  3. Fixing a nasty with batik, hmmm, wonder what that means?

    Ribbon scarf--interesting.

    Applique testing--beautiful!

  4. Quite a variety you have there. My applique technique of choice is "none of the above. " Applique and I are not on friendly terms.