05 December 2011

Design Wall - 12/5/11

Remember the two applique blocks on the design wall? I machine appliqued them to see if that is really the technique I want to do with the Baltimore Christmas blocks. I have made my decision on how I am going to applique the BC:  freezer paper, starch and hand applique will be the preferred method. I am just not happy with the curves on these two pieces.
Major Fail
 As a recap, the red block called Icho (design and kit by Grannie 'G' Applique) was prepared using a glue stick, freezer paper and machine applique. Really not happy with this at all. To me, this technique was a sticky mess and I couldn't get smooth curves.

Minor Fail
Noshi (design and kit by Grannie 'G' Applique) was prepared using starch, freezer paper and machine applique. This one is much better but I am still not super happy with the curl.

These are the types of experiments that end up with me having a lot of orphan blocks.

On another note, I started cutting t-shirts apart for a family member's quilt. Stay tuned.

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  1. Not happy? WOW! That is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Oh that is beautiful, the longer curves turned out great, maybe a mix of styles. Doing the machine applique where it works best and the freezer paper for the tighter curves? Either way, it's going to be a gorgeous quilt!

  3. Such an interesting block design, both of them. I agree about the glue being a sticky mess. I am pretty obsessed by smooth curves and I always have the best luck with starch preparation. Once the shape is prepped the stitching method doesn't usually alter the curves for me. I like the hand just because I can take it along with me and do it in the living room or where ever and I am not a slave to the machine. It does take longer however. Good luck with the quilt! It will be fabulous when it is done.

  4. I don't do applique much myself so seeing what you've done, it just looks plain amazing! I love the curves and designs in the blocks. Great things going on!

  5. Paula, your applique is *lovely*!! :)

  6. Well, I think it is beautiful!


  7. Not happy? Not happy? Not happy??? My gosh, they are gorgeous! Well, all I have to say is you have my address;) Now, I am not seeing them in real life, or close up..but I love them and they put my last needle turn applique blocks to the wall of shame! HA.

  8. Well, I, Being in the no applique camp ( cuz I don't know how) this both of those blocks are just gorgeous!! I especially love the red one!

  9. I see what makes you unhappy, but I doubt most people would notice. If you aren't sure what to do with the two blocks, after you remake them, they would be lovely in American Hero quilts, and if you sent them to me, I'd pay you for fabric and postage. I can hardly wait to see how your project comes together, since these are really pretty blocks.