11 February 2012

Busy Knitting

Have you missed me? I have been busy knitting and knitting and more knitting. The first batch of photos consists of items already delivered. The second photo is of items to be delivered on Tuesday. The last photo is of items in inventory. Since just before Christmas, 2011, I have been knitting these.

Rebecca Hat & mitts, gray Wurm hat with matching mitts (photo has bad color),
black Wurm hat with matching mitts, and then 3 pair of mitts knit with 100% baby llama.

Mitts knit from Lion Brand Amazing Yarn

Mitts knit from various yarns.


  1. Wow, what fabulous finishes!

    I didn't realize Lion Brand made a yarn that stripes like your mitts. I'll look for it.

  2. Wow... you have been busy! Everything is cool!

  3. You are amazing!

  4. Wow, that's a lot of knitting! You've been quite busy. I like the variegated colors and the cables.