02 October 2012


Leaving the public library yesterday, I heard fiddle music on the air. An elderly gentleman was sitting on a park bench playing an Irish jig. Toe tapping music that enlivened the day.

I have always wanted to learn how to play a fiddle. I even have my mother's fiddle, but she called it a violin. It is in bad shape which is really shameful. At least the strings were loosened before it was put away, but the bridge has come unglued. See it laying there: about the middle right of the photo. The bow is sad.

I wish I could find a teacher.


  1. Check around - I gave our family's violins (my great grandfather and grandfather both taught violin) to The Princess. Even though the instruments were both in sad condition, I felt she would appreciate them since she had played as a girl.
    The Intended found a local woman who restored one of them - it is beautiful. Now we are just waiting for The Princess to act on taking the lessons we got her last Christmas. Apparently being a bride-to-be is TOO time consuming.

  2. Like Linda, I am sure you can find someone to restore the violin/fiddle and give you some suggestions for teachers. Start down the path and see where it leads.

  3. Anonymous11:34 AM

    There are usually teachers out there, do some research. Places to check are universities if they have a music dept. Anyone involved in that may know of someone who gives private lessons. If you feel the urge to learn the violin, try to find someone. I did! I took lessons and enjoyed it so much. Old violins play well usually and all you may need to do is have it restrung and the bow hair changed, both are quite do-able. Go for it. :)

  4. don't wait around....time passes to fast! Act now, there's this thinng called google...i think you should be able to put in fiddle lessons and Loveland....and boom! It shows up!

    BTW,didn't ya'll end up with Bummy's too?