10 November 2012


Thursday night the house smelled so good. That always happens when something good is baked. I had these mini cupcake pans and liners and needed to make something for a pot luck. Out came the cake mix, cupcake pans and liners and the computer. I had no idea how long to bake mini cupcakes. Turns out, it is 9-10 minutes. Did you ever think that your computer would be an essential tool to baking? Neither did I.

Batter is done.

Cupcakes are cooling.

Dollop of icing and they are packaged up.


  1. They are the perfect size for a potluck dessert.

  2. Yumm. Oh yes, I use my computer all of the time to quickly access specific recipes. happy baking.

  3. I use the computer for recipes much more often than the cabinet full of recipe books! Much quicker...