09 November 2012

OTN - November 9, 2012

Do I have a FINISH!! It's not blocked yet, but because a storm is forecasted for the weekend, today was a perfect day to shoot this photo. Here is the Black Cherry Mama Bear Seamless sweater made in 100% alpaca. It is warm and cozy has raglan sleeves and was easy to knit.  This was made from the yarn that was over dyed with Black Cherry kool aid. Follow the link and you can see the color change on the yarn. I also still need to put the button and button loops on. Details, details.


Remember when I was worried that it might not fit? It fits, but loosely. I currently am taking a beather from actual knitting with pointy sticks and I'm doing a bit of loom knitting. I know, right? What am I making? Well, slippers. I modifyed my grandma's pattern to work with loom knitting and I am just whipping them out. Right now, it is only a pile of rectangles but will be soon sewn up into slippers. Thick, warm slippers for Hurricane Sandy victims.

For more knitted goodness, visit JudyL at Patchwork Times.


  1. It's beautiful, and the yarn you dyed is gorgeous!

    Thanks for the pattern link.

  2. Very nice, and perfect timing. It's getting to be sweater weather, for sure!