02 November 2012

OTN - November 2, 2012

The autumn wind has reminded me that it is time to plan winter knitting projects. The warm, although windy, autumn days have been overtaken by cold and snow. Knitted goodness has just been flying off the needles here at Casa del Quilter.

First up is the North Woods Wingspan.This one is just as lovely as the other one recently finished.


Then the Beehive Slouch Hat was finished. The first cast on and 4" of ribbing on this hat was frogged and then cast on again using the correct needles. I mis-read the pattern thinking it was US 5 needles when it was 5.0mm needles. That is a difference between US5 and US8. The resulting (correct) fabric has a softer, drapeyer feeling to it. This yarn came from Tuesday Morning and was a blend of merino wool, acrylic and cashmere. Soft. Nice to work with. This pattern is similar to the Wurm hat pattern that I like better because of the crown.


Here's another hat made with an acrylic/polymide yarn. This is the first of three. The gift pile is growing.


The Black Cherry Mamma Bear sweater pile of knitting has grown but is still on the needles. The sleeves were knit two at a time on two circular needles so they would be the same length and then added onto the body. About half of the yoke has been knit with the decreases for the raglan making the rows shorter and shorter. Anticipation is building: will it fit? It's a new pattern and hopefully the size is not too large.

The needles are held together with one of the large rubber bands that come around produce from the grocer's. By doing this, stitches don't slip off the needles when the whole thing is laying around. See that bit of blue? It's waste yarn holding the live underarm stitches.

I'm linking to Judy L at Patchwork Times for more knitted goodness links.


  1. Lovely finishes and in progress knits!

    The wind has been blowing through here, too. Too warm for a coat, but too chilly for just a sweater.

  2. Cute hats! Love that black cherry yarn and your latest Wingspan. Great colors!

  3. Wingspan is on my to knit list! Love yours!

  4. I love all the variety of things that you knit! I usually just knit socks and every once in awhile throw in a hat, scarf or mittens. I hope your sweater is the perfect fit! I guess that is one main reason why I stick with the smaller projects that are "tried and true" - I know they fit! You are braver than I am! Cheers! Evelyn

  5. Great projects! Don't you just love knitting? And hats are just fun to create....