19 April 2013

OTN - April 19, 2013

Sock yarn, it's an addiction. The blue yarn is from Wisdom yarns. I'm making Fluted Barrister Socks in sock yarn using #1 needles.

Once a pair of socks is finished, then I make a square for a Barn Raising knitted afghan. It is a perfect way to use up those little bits of leftover sock yarn.

The sweater has been steeked and CUT!! It wasn't scarey at all. Well, maybe a little bit. Next up is the button band. I'll do a photo when I get that done and also the pockets. I decided that since I cut the sweater up the middle of the front, why then I could cut for pockets too.

For more on the needles, visit Judy L at Patchwork Times.


  1. Can't wait to see the sweater.

    I knitted my first pair of socks using Marathon sock. I am a runner, so I thought it was appropriate. And cheap. Tuesday Morning has some nice yarn sometimes. And it pooled. I thought there was something wrong with it. I would rather have stripes than pools.

  2. Pretty!!! The Barn Raising afghan sounds incredible. Look forward to,seeing that.

  3. You are certainly a professional knitter -- cutting up the middle of a sweather -- NO WAY. Can't wait to see pictures.

  4. Great idea for sock leftovers! You are so BRAVE! Can't wait to see the sweater.......