22 April 2013

Inner Border On

There's nothing like taking your time to do something correct. It took two days to get that first border on. Why?

When I first started this project, I cut the background fabric for the outer border first. That way the borders would be cut out of one piece of fabric with no seams. That makes sense, right? I pinned a note to the two different sizes and hung them in the closet.

Okay, fast forward to making the inner border, the green one you see in the photo. I referenced the notes on the borders hanging in the closet and cut the green fabric accordingly, assuming that I cut the outer borders for miters.

You can see where this is going, right?

The green borders were stitched onto the outer ones so both borders could be mitered at the same time. Once the borders were hung in place around the applique center,  I realized that the outer borders were not cut long enough for a miter and, therefore, the inner borders weren't either. Oh dear.

Out came Jack the Ripper and I spent Saturday, carefully removing those seams and then pressing both borders flat. On Sunday, I was able to get the inner green border stitched onto the center. Yay me!

If I had only paused to remeasure both the pre-cut borders and the center. If I had only written down my intent on the borders. If only, if only. But all is well now. I was bemoaning that the quilt would not have  lovely mitered corners when inspiration struck. I pulled out a recently quilted, but not bound, applique quilt and checked the borders. Yes, I had done a straight border where the top and bottom were applied first and then the sides. With an applique border, you don't really see the seam at the corner because the applique disguises the seams. Boy, did I luck out.

And another plus: I can do the majority of the applique on the border before I stitch it onto the quilt. It's a win-win.

I'm linking up to JudyL.


  1. Quite the detailed applique--no wonder you wanted perfect borders. Glad you have a good solution.

  2. Such and incredibly gorgeous quilt. Excellent work!

  3. Sounds like it will work out. You have a beautiful quilt, love your work.

  4. What a great quilt!

  5. This is gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see it with the appliqued border added :)

  6. Oh Paula, I feel your pain! But you are working it out, smart girl that you are! Your quilt is fabulous!